19+ Best Doctor Appointment Letters (Word / PDF)

A doctor appointment letter is a type of letter written to inform patient that a doctor’s appointment has been set. This appointment can be set by their request, by request of another doctor, or as part of an ongoing program of care. This letter not just include date, time, and location, it also contain essential information that the patient will need in order to attend the appointment.

Moreover, if you work in a doctor’s office then by sending letters to patients a great deal of your time will be spent. You should use template to draft appointment letter as it will save you a lot of time and you just have to edit the patient’s details and appointment times.

Different types of appointment letters:

Let us discuss below different types of appointment letters that you ca use;

Recall doctor appointment letter

This type of appointment letter is used for patients that have appointments on a daily basis. In order to make an appointment, the letter invites them to contact the surgery.

Doctor appointment reminder letter

As its name implies, this letter is written to remind patients that they have an appointment scheduled soon. They are also motivated to rearrange this appointment in case it is no longer convenient.

Doctor to patient appointment letter

In some cases, doctor may go out to visit the patient in their own home and this letter is sent to remind the patient of the time and date of the appointment. You may also like appointment cards templates.

Doctor appointment confirmation letter

If there is a lot of information regarding the appointment like what the patient requires to do to prepare then confirmation is sent via this letter.

Doctor appointment request letter

In your area, to discuss local medical concerns, from time to time a doctor from your office may be invited. In such a case, you have to send a letter to other local doctors in order to set up a meeting where these concerns can be discussed.

Doctor appointment excuse form for students

During school time, if a young patient needs to attend a doctor’s appointment then the school may request confirmation of this appointment. Also, you have to indicate the amount of time that they are expected to be absent.

Re-schedule appointment letter

Re-schedule appointment letter is written when a patient misses the appointment for offering a chance to reschedule this. The letter also reminds them that they should cancel any appointments if they aren’t able to attend so that t it can be offered to another patient.

Hence, an appointment letter is a great way to remove the number of patients who miss appointments. The letter in such a case can act as an additional reminder or prompt. This letter is very important to inform a patient of an appointment that they have made before at a much earlier date. The appointment letter also informs about the appointments that have been made on their behalf as part of a program of ongoing care.

Some appointments aren’t made directly by a patient. These are considered as part of a care plan for a condition that could be serious and potentially life threatening. So, at the appointment, patient attendance is essential. By a doctor appointment letter, this can be made possible.

Furthermore, you do not really have the time to be messing around with formatting, wording, and layout while you are writing an appointment letter on behalf of a doctor’s office. The hard work has been done for you with a well-crafted sample. By having a sample, you can just customize the content that suit your needs. You may also see Doctors Note Templates.


In conclusion, a well-drafted appointment letter informs the patient regarding his/her appointment as well as time, date and location information. Your letter should be professional and informative. Don’t use complex formatting and fonts that are difficult to understand.