23+ Free Nursing Letter of Recommendation Templates (Word, PDF)

A nursing letter of recommendation is a formal letter that highlights a nurse’s skill, experience, attitude and competency. The letter is written to convince the recipient why they should hire the recommended applicant. The recommendation letter also contains the examples of excellent work performance in their previous roles that the recommender witnessed personally. This letter is written by a former/current employer, teacher, or colleague.

How to draft a nursing reference letter?

The letter of recommendation contain the following essential information;


The introduction letter should be precise and straight to the point. Start your letter with a formal salutation. In case, you know the recipient by name then salute them by writing ‘Dear [name].’ if no, simply state ‘To whom it may concern.’ After that, write two or three sentences that contain the general recommendation for the nurse. You also have to mention your relationship with the applicant and an example of favorable interactions.


The body of the letter should consist of one or two paragraphs. These paragraphs should be concise and have positive attributes along with the examples of the applicants experience in nursing. Therefore, you will explain the applicant’s qualities, positive characteristics, and attributes that are relevant to the nursing field.

In case, your body of recommendation letter consists of two paragraphs then the first paragraph describes the applicant’s characteristics and the second one supports the assertions via real-life examples. This will assist in avoiding repetition. You can also specify the applicants experience outside the field of nursing.


The conclusion paragraph of the recommendation letter reiterate his/her thoughts on the applicant’s abilities and qualification. Write all those that makes them eligible for the nursing program. You as a recommender also include your contact number so that in case of information/questions are required, the recipient can contact you. In the end, sign off with a formal closing clause. You may also like Nursing Schedule Template.

Tips for writing an effective recommendation letter:

You should consider the below tips in order to write an effective nursing reference letter;

Write a strong introduction

The introduction stands the chance of giving an overall impression about the applicant as it’s the first part the reader/recipient will read. The recommender should always make sure that this section is captivating. Furthermore, it should include substantial and relevant descriptions as much as possible. The introduction should also include an example of favorable interactions other than the general statement of recommendation.

Speaks about skills and qualifications

If you don’t specify the relevant skills and qualifications that the applicant possesses, then the nurse recommendation letter would not be effective. You as the write have to pay attention to the personal attributes, skills, experiences, and qualities that you think make the applicant a successful nurse.

Give specific examples

It is essential to remain relevant as possible during describing the skills and qualifications. Don’t include the descriptions that don’t match nursing. So, mention those things that you think specific to nursing. Aside from technical skills, you can also include other nontechnical skills that make a good nurse. Qualities like problem-solving skills, critical thinking, empathy, and more, you can think about them.

Most importantly, you have to be as specific in your descriptions because there could be several applicants eyed for the nursing position.

End with a strong conclusion

The ending should be brief. It should have a call to action statement why you believe the applicant is the best choice. Along with this, you have to summarize the main points regarding the applicant’s qualifications and skills. Lastly, use a closer clause like ‘Sincerely,’ ‘Regards,’ or ‘Best Regards,’ to end your letter. After that, affix your signature.


In conclusion, writing an effective nursing letter of recommendation makes your applicant stand out among others. The letter should clearly specify the applicant’s qualities and skills related to the nursing practice. Keep it to the point, don’t make it as detailed as most of the recommendation letters.