31+ Printable Appointment Cards Templates [Word]

An appointment cards template is used to give clients one final reminder about their appointment. These cards will save you money in the long term. You have to make sure that the design of the cards should ultimately grab the attention of your clients and easily fit in the wallet or purse of your client.

Furthermore, this card assures that before meeting with you, your clients have the appointment in the back of their mind at all times. By having a card, your clients check the calendar for the appointment every now and then. Another benefit of having a card is that in case clients aren’t able to make their appointment, they call you up to reschedule their appointment. An appointment card serves as physical reminder that forces the clients to remember an appointment.

Medical appointment cards:

Like every special types of businesses, medical practice also require unique type of marketing. Their work is highly specialized and their significance in public is important. Therefore, they do all they can to maintain their reputation. For doctors, an appointment card is the best way to advertise their practice. You should refer to appointment cards template in order to make an appointment card that markets your practice and makes sure that clients make their appointment. In addition, a medical appointment cards can help you in following ways;

  • These cards not just remind clients about their appointment they also do much more. By developing returning patients, they provide several benefits. Patients are more likely depend onto the appointment cards you provide them. This is because it contains important appointment information. This card includes essential contact information for the patient to see and remember. These cards will help them avoid the trash bin.
    You must create an attractive card design in order to catch the attention of your patients. Furthermore, an appointment card is a great chance to market your practice to patients.
  • You should provide your patients multiple copies of your appointment card to build a lasting relationship with them. It is essential for you to make sure that card you provide to your patients is impressive enough so that they ask for more of it. The additional cards may reach to your patient’s friends, colleagues, relatives, and neighbors. Thus, this assists you in getting new patients.

Continuing care appointment cards:

These cards are mainly used by the dentists. These are also used to remind patients about their continuing dental care appointments. It is highly important to maintain dental hygiene. Continuing dental care makes sure regular cleanings. This way, your patients maintain a healthy mouth. During these visits, most dentists diagnose patients for any potential problems.

In order to make sure that your patients regularly visit your clinic you should use appointment reminder cards. These cards assure a win to win situation. While the dentists are able to market their practice, patients can maintain their dental hygiene.

Different appointment cards templates that you can use:

An appointment cards template helps you to;

  • Arrange your practice
  • Organize your appointments better
  • Schedule your valuable time well
  • Boost your practice
  • Enhance your practice

Nowadays, there are different types of appointment cards templates that you can use;

  • Printable appointment card template
  • Green appointment business card template
  • Blank editable appointment card template
  • Surgery appointment card template
  • Custom appointment card template


In conclusion, an appointment card template is the best way to assure that your clients make their appointments. Appointment cards assist you in keeping track of appointments, marketing your business, and promoting your image. With the help of template, you can create unique and eye catching appointment reminder cards.