13+ Free Attorney Termination Letter Templates [Word]

An attorney termination letter is a formal written document sent to the lawyer for informing that he has terminated from the job. This letter confirms the dismissal’s details. It also sums up all the information that attorney will need to know. Additionally, you should keep a copy of the termination letter in a personal file in order to keep a record for possible future use.

Pre-considerations before writing an attorney termination letter:

You should consider the following things before writing a termination letter;

  • If you are terminating the attorney who was dealing your case, then it would be difficult for someone else to continue the work. It can become challenging to find a new attorney who takes interest in your case. If you pay much money to the new lawyer still he might be interested in being a client.
  • If you are a problem client, the lawyers may be hesitant to take your case. However, you can fire your lawyer if he has many mistakes. But firing your lawyer on the basis of personality can make it difficult to find another lawyer.
  • Keep in mind that depending on the case you may have to pay expensive fees. If you have worked with your lawyer for a long time, then more you will have to pay him. Thus, by hiring a new lawyer you have to pay further fees as well. So, terminating the attorney in the middle of a case can be expensive. You may also like Employee Termination Letter Templates.

How to prepare an attorney termination letter?

Let us discuss step-by-step how to prepare a termination letter;


At first, provide a list of reasons for firing the lawyer. Make sure that you have valid reasons for firing that particular lawyer and other lawyers will serve you better. Valid reasons may include;

  • Unwillingness to understand and research the case.
  • An inability to understand your point of view.
  • Total neglect


Write the statement that states your intention to stop working with him. There is no need to go into details, keep it simple. You just need to say that the lawyer cannot meet your legal needs.


Before creating termination letter, review the original attorney contract. If contract requires a formal process to terminate it then follow the necessary steps.


Arrange meetings and interviews with new lawyers. Discuss your unique circumstances in detail so that new lawyers can ensure that either they can provide the service you need or not. Moreover, it’s better to hire new lawyer before sending the letter.

Some helpful tips for wiring and sending the termination letter:

Below are some helpful tips that you must consider while writing and sending the letter;

  • You should get straight to the point that why you are planning to end your contract.
  • During writing the termination letter, you can also allow any room for the meeting. At this point, you will probably feel resolute by seeking legal representation.
  • You can reach your point by using some unique terminology or legal jargon. Be assertive and direct to the point. In addition, never say such things that your attorney can challenge.
  • You have to stay polite regardless of why you want to end your use of their services. By keeping the tone formal and precise, be strong and ensure that they understand why you need legal aid.
  • Check any payment that your attorney may have to return you have made in advance and you may owe your attorney for charges.
  • You should also keep a copy of your case files. You may also see Employee Counseling Form.


In conclusion, an attorney termination letter is a formal document that should be well-written and well-formatted. Before sending this letter, consider the above things we have discussed. State the reason for terminating clearly and never terminate your lawyer just because you don’t like his/her personality. It’s better to arrange meeting with the lawyer before writing this letter.