35+ Free Reference Letter For Friend [MS Word]

A reference letter for friend is a type of character reference letter in which you testify your friend’s abilities, achievement, characters and skills. This letter is usually written to support their job application or even after the applicant was hired. Companies require a letter to verify their trustworthiness.

When do you need a character reference letter?

There are two main reasons when you require to present a character reference letter.

  • The first reason is for legal reasons like in court cases or background checks. In this circumstance, the letter is used to give proof that the individual you are writing the letter about is generally a good person. The person should be considered as innocent/be paroled/given a reduced sentence, etc.
  • In second case, you may write a character reference for a friend. Your friend requires this letter when they are applying for a job, but they don’t have much work experience of. When they haven’t work for a long period but still need references to apply to a job.

Moreover, some programs, landlord, clubs, or schools may also require this letter for different reasons.

Way to ask someone to write you a reference letter:

Make a personal recommendation letter:

At first, create a personal recommendation letter before asking anyone for help. In this way, you will be assisting the individual you are looking to write you a recommendation letter. Provide him/her all the information that what you would like them to write about you.

Choose the best candidate:

It is important to select the right person to write the letter. You should select someone who knows you very well. He/she must have ability to highlight your best qualities to help you get your goal.

Ask for a favor:

The person you are asking to write to you the letter are being asked for a favor. So, when someone does a favor for you, he/she also expects that the favor has to be returned in the future.

How to write a reference letter for friend?

The length of the letter may vary but the format should more or less be the same. The general layout of the letter should include the following;

  • the date
  • salutation
  • general introduction
  • body
  • conclusion
  • sign off
  • the contact information


Depending on the writing, the letter might be brief and straight to the point or long. In the introduction, you should explain the;

  • who you are
  • how well you know the candidate
  • the duration of your relationship


In the body of letter, explain specific information about the applicant. On the basis of the writer relationship with the applicant, he has the right to use as many paragraphs as he deems fit. The main purpose of the body is to state the writer’s belief in the candidate’s character and qualifications. Moreover, include details about their best qualities. It is recommended to provide some endearing examples of the candidate’s achievements or notable qualities or performances. The examples would better support these claims.


In the conclusion of the letter, you have to summarize why you are recommending the person. You should also provide your contact information so that in case of any further information or clarifications, the recipient of letter can contact you. To end the letter, use the formal sign off. At the end, make sure to mention your name and contact information.


In conclusion, a reference letter for friend is written to support someone’s job application. Sometimes, the employer can ask for a reference letter even after the applicant was hired. Include the applicant’s abilities and skills that are relevant to the position they are applying for.