26+ Free Marriage Certificate Templates [Word]

A marriage certificate template is a legal document that makes the union of two persons legal. It serves as a supporting document in many things. It also octet indicates the union of two persons legallyts as proof of the ceremony of the marriage by a recognized authority. In short, it is a symbol of the union of two persons. When the person of authority who conducts the rites, signs the certificate, it becomes legal. The person may be a priest, a bishop, or even a government official.

What to include in the marriage certificate?

The marriage certificate should include the following information;

  • You and your partner should provide your full names.
  • The location of your marriage ceremony.
  • You should provide the names of people who will attend your wedding.
  • The name of a bishop or priest, witness or lawyer who will attest the certificate.

How to write an application for marriage certificate?

You will surely need a copy of your marriage certificate once in a life. The reasons for requiring this certificate may vary. You may want it to change your name or you need to update your passport. In such situations, you have to show the evidence of your union. You can take a copy of your marriage certificate from the office where you filed your marriage license by using application letter. Furthermore, when you write an application letter it officially proves that you are married. You should keep more than one copy of this document on-hand. But if you don’t have it, you have to request one.

How to make your own marriage certificate?

As we have said that it is a legal document signed by two people who got united through marriage. When you have registered your marriage with your state, then this certificate is given by a government official.

In this modern era, you can customize a blank marriage certificate. If you and your partner want to create your own template, the very first step you have to do is to select a design. The online templates have already editable designs. Moreover, you can modify the size of the certificate, color scheme, and fonts and add your pictures. These certificates can also be used for your own personal purposes. You may also like House Cleaning Checklist Template.

How do I get a certified copy of my marriage certificate?

You can get a certified copy of your marriage certificate after ten business days. The license comes from the person who performed your marriage. The office of County clerk handles the issuance of this certificate. You also have to pay fees for it and it is non-refundable. If the record exists, then after requesting, you will get a certified copy. However, if there is no record of marriage, a certificate of no record you will receive. You can also purchase a copy of this certificate by following ways;

In person:

In this process, you have to complete an “Application for Certified Copy of a Marriage Certificate.” Your valid Id is also needed.

By phone or online:

In this process, you can hire a company to help you in receiving the certificate. They will process your request online and you may pay the fee using your credit card. You can contact these companies by phone or through their websites. Almost 5 business days require for processing your request and completed application.

By Mail:

Likewise, in person process, this process also requires to complete an “Application for Certified Copy of a Marriage Certificate”. It also requires a Sworn Statement that you should sign before a Notary Public. After that, the notary will provide you a Certificate of Acknowledgement. Then, mail your certificate of acknowledgment and personal check. It will also take 5 business days to reach you by mail.


In conclusion, a marriage certificate is a legal document that indicates the union of two persons legal. You may want this certificate for different reasons. The signatures of priest, bishop, and government official make it legal.