24+ Free Employee Counseling Form Templates [Word+PDF]

An employee counseling form is a formal document that serves as a guide to a counselor or supervisor. It provides information that should be discussed in an employee’s counseling meeting. For the findings of a counseling session, this document is used. It can also used as a reference in the future when the need arise. Moreover, in the form, a counselor fills in;

  • Counseling session: what led to the need for it.
  • Description about an incident that raised some concern from management.
  • The action to be taken to this effect.

What is an employee counseling?

An employee counseling is a human resource tool. It is devoted to train, attract, and motivate highly skilled and committed employees. By doing this, companies get a competitive advantage over rival companies. Employee counseling is carried out to listen and understand the problems of employees. Then, provide guidance and advice to solve these problems. However, it can be carried out face-to-face and privately.

In this session, an employee and supervisor meet to discuss a specific incident or an employee’s decline in performance. Depending on the size and capability of a company, counseling can be carried by different people. In small organizations, the manager carried out this session while in large organizations, a professional counselor is hired. You may also like 27+ Free Performance Evaluation Form Templates.

Components of an employee counseling form:

Different components of an employee counseling form are;

Employee information:

The form includes the employee information like his full name, job position, and employer. At the very top of the form, this information is mentioned. Write down the date when the counseling session takes place.

The reason for counseling:

All reasons that why an employee would require counseling should be declared in the form. Some of the common reasons are;

  • Unethical behavior
  • Reduced performance
  • Harassment
  • Poor attendance
  • Company safety policy violation

Details of the incident:

Here you have to highlight when and how it happened. This information is important for documentation and future reference purposes. If there were any witnesses, then indicate their names.

Corrective actions:

The main purpose of counseling session is to provide agreeable solutions to the problems. The counselor suggests different suggestions to the employee on how the incident should be corrected. Include the date that when the corrective actions are to be implemented.

Employee comments:

A counseling form should contain any comments that may be raised by the employee. Any disagreements or objections should be included here.

Future actions:

If the reason behind the counseling session remains continued, then it may result in employees’ termination. Therefore, also state the consequences of disregarding the corrective actions.


At the bottom of the form, affix the signature of counselor or supervisor. You may also see 27+ Free Employee Termination Letter Templates.

How to conduct the employee counseling?

Here are some tips on how to conduct the employee counseling;

  • You should be a good listener. Given enough time to the employee to finish his sentences. State the employee that the session is being documented and what the counselor intends to do with the form.
  • Instead of focusing on the person, you should concentrate on the issue. You just have to find a solution for it. It should be your main focus throughout the session.
  • It should be better to focus on the employees’ strengths as this help in improving their confidence and acts as a remainder of their capabilities.
  • The companies should select right counselors. The counselor should be familiar with the employee.


In conclusion, an employee counseling form is human resource tool that serves as a guide to a counselor or supervisor. Employee counseling session provides the employee opportunity to share and discuss day-to-day conflicts. Remember that it is a corrective measure not a form of punishment.