Professional Warning Letter to Employee Templates [Word]

A warning letter to employee is a formal written document warning an employee when one breaches the company protocol and rules. It is a professional document written by the higher authority in an organization or HR manager. This letter addresses the unacceptable behavior of the employee, the date of such behavior, and the consequences of that behavior. Furthermore, it is an important business document because it sets up expectations for future behavior and provides notes of the consequences of repeating the same behavior.

Above all, this letter serves as a warning to the employee who has express unacceptable behavior. The letter should follow the company wide-procedure and format. All these letters must contain statements about the reason for the warning. Also, it should be written by the relevant authority in an organization. You may also like the Letter of Resignation Template.

Information should be included in a warning letter to employee:

Here is the important information that must be included in a warning letter to the employee;

  • Number of warning letters that employee has been received.
  • Any verbal warning employee has been received due to this behavior.
  • The date or dates of misconduct of an employee.
  • State the unacceptable behavior due to which the employee is being warned.
  • In the employee handbook, the page number, and title of the policy.
  • The sudden consequence of that behavior.
  • Mention the future consequences if the same behavior will be repeated.
  • Affix the signatures of both the employee and the company representative.
  • Comment section where the employee wants to add comments to the company’s copy.

Different types of warning letters to employee:

Warning letter to employee due to unprofessional behavior:

This letter warns an employee about his unprofessional behavior and the consequences of such behavior. It emphasizes the many personal behavioral problems. So, describes the specific issue in detail is advisable. For example, this letter warns an employee about aggression or sexual harassment.

Warning letter to employee due to poor performance:

This type of warning letter is written to an employee regarding his job performance. The letter is issued to the employee when he isn’t meeting the expectations as defined by his immediate manager. The employee has to improve the quality or quantity of work can be defined as an immediate solution to poor performance. However, if he doesn’t do so then he will be terminated.

Warning letter to employee due to misconduct:

It is written to warn an employee for his behavior that is considered misconduct in a specific situation. When an employee violates company rules due to aggression or shows a lack of respect to a manager then this letter is written.

Warning letter to employee due to making mistakes:

When the employee’s quality of work is unacceptable then the company warns the employee by writing this type of letter. You may also see Recommendation Letter.


In conclusion, a warning letter to employee is a formal business document that warns an employee who has done something wrong. This letter is sent by the HR department to the employee against poor performance, misconduct, and discipline.