27+ Free School Transfer Request Letter Templates [Word+PDF]

School transfer request letter is a formal document that informs the school management of your planning to move to another school. Every year, a number of students transfer to school across the world. Student may also compose school transfer request letter because of financial challenges. In some cases, family members force their children to move to a different school. Moreover, you can also request for transfer letter when you earned enough grades to secure admission into a superior institution.

Reasons for composing a school transfer request letter:

A school transfer request letter is used to get clearance from the current school. It states that you have genuine reasons for seeking transfer. It serves as evidence that you have nothing to hide. It is usually address to the Principal of the school. On receiving the letter, principal first makes sure that there isn’t any pending or upcoming disciplinary or any other issue that motivated the student for seeking transfer.

Furthermore, it indicates that when you joined that school. It also shows your performance in the duration of the study and contains your character traits. The principal might want to see your level of performance and discipline so include them. You may also like Free Academic Calendar Templates.

Basic components of a school transfer request letter:

Your request letter is based on the following basic components;


At first, introduce yourself so that school management can clearly understand who you are. You must include your ID number you have during your time at the school as well your name and other relevant information.


State what you have achieved academically so far. You should mention the activities in which you took part in and the rewards you got and how they bettered you.

The reason for requesting a transfer:

There are various reasons of transferring like you can’t afford the school expenses or you got admission into a higher school etc. You should explain it in detail that why you are moving to elsewhere.

Show gratitude:

You should show gratitude to intended recipient at the end of the letter. Also, state that you have spent grateful time in that school. State that you will appreciate if they accept your request.

Things to consider:

Here are some things that you must consider during composing the letter;

  • Be honest while explaining the reason of transfer. Never give fake reasons.
  • You should use a correct format. The letter should contain headings, student name and address, recipient name or title and address, subject, and closing remarks.
  • Don’t write detailed letter just express your intentions in two or three paragraphs.
  • After composing the letter, proofread it. Remove silly mistakes regarding grammar and spellings if any. Don’t create the impressions that reflect you are careless and dumb.
  • As it is a formal document so you should also make use of formal language. These letters are also addressed to Principal. Hence, they must be written in formal manner. You may also see Teacher Grade Book.


In conclusion, a school transfer request letter is a formal document that let the school know about your planning to move to another school. The letter should be well-formatted and well-written. It should contain all essential details that are needed in the transfer process. All basic components must be included in it.