29+ Free Professional Notarized Letter Templates [Word]

A notarized letter template is signed in the presence of a notary public. A notary public is the individuals that have authority to certify the legal documents. The notarized letter prevents the occurrence of fraud in written documents. In order to make a notarized letter, you have to first compa notarized letterose the letter and then notarized it.

What does a notarize letter mean?

For signing a notarized letter, the presence of a notary public is a requirement. The process makes sure that the ones who affix their signatures are the people they claim to be. The notary public should confirm the identities of the signees before allowing the persons to sign. The screen signers of notary public depend on three things;

  • their identity
  • their awareness
  • their willingness

The importance of notarization:

The main purpose behind the notarization is authenticity. This indicates that you signed the letter without getting pressured into doing so. Since you sign the letter in the presence of notary public who verifies your identity, this makes the document more secure.

Moreover, the letter is authenticated through the signature of a person. This isn’t a certificate that involves authorization. It is just a simple piece of proof that the concerned individual signed the documents sincerely. If notary public requires your proof of identity then you have to show it with a photograph or other official documents.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the notary officer to verify whether you have the authority to sign the document. The notary public may refuse to notarize the document in case they observe signs of coercion or anything else suspicious.

How to write a notarized letter?

Here are some tips that you should consider while writing a notarized letter;

Use an appropriate heading

You can write the letter in any format you want. But, you should make sure to mention an appropriate heading. For example, if you are writing an affidavit then for the heading, you should have the term Affidavit.

In the middle of the page, place the title. This is because this information makes it easy to notify the reader that it’s an example of a notarized document. In this way, the notary can also pay attention on reading the letter when he knows the purpose and performs the important actions to address therein.

Insert a case caption

By inserting a caption, you can make your letter more effective. For example, an affidavit letter needs you to capitalize the heading. In the question, the caption determines the subject.

Add the address

Mention the complete address including the county and state.

Give details about the affiant

You have to identify the names of the persons who make the statements addressed in the letter. The address shows that you are addressing the letter to a specific individual. You should mention all the important details in order to ensure that you make an official document.

Include your name

After writing the letter, write your name. Also, leave enough space for you to affix your signature later. It is necessary to keep in mind that you should only sign the letter in the presence of the notary public.

For the signature of the notary public, leave a space

Address the notary after affixing your signature as well as leave enough space for their seal, and signature. You have to use notary wording in your letter. Additionally, mention the location where you have your document notarized is another important thing that you have to remember. In the end, write the date when you signed the document.


In conclusion, a notarized letter template is an official document that signed in the presence of a notary. When you have signed the letter, to complete the process, the notary adds their seal or stamp. You should use a template in order to draft the letter in standard form.