27+ Printable Doctors Note Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

If you are sick, you need a doctors note template to indicate to your school or employer that you are not feeling well. It doesn’t necessarily that doctor’s note being from the doctor. You can also get them from other healthcare providers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, etc. However, if you have no healthcare provider, then you can make your own note by using a doctor’s note template.

What basically a doctor’s note is?

A doctor’s note serves as proof that a person went to see a doctor, clinic, or emergency room. It is a written recommendation states that the individual was examined. This written document is then given to a manager, school, or other organization. Doctor’s notes are often required by schools and jobs due to following reasons;

  • To excuse someone from an activity
  • To get back to work
  • To get out of doing work

Basic elements of a doctor’s note:

This document is very important for the students and employees. With the help of this document, they can excuse from work or school due to medical reasons. Doctors should ensure that they have listed all the important details. Moreover, the patients should also check it if the document has the necessary information. Here are the basic elements that should be included in the doctor’s note;

Details of the physician:

People can fake a document form the doctor to get a day off from work or school. But it may get tricky to fake with the doctor’s details. Your doctor note should contain the contact information, address, name of the hospital/clinic, phone number, and appropriate licenses. It is definitely hard to fake if the note includes a letter head and watermark.

Patient’s details:

Here you have to include the name of the patient, address, age, sex and any other necessary details.

Doctor’s report:

Doctor’s report includes the medical exam and the diagnosis as well as the prescribed medicine. It is the place where doctor gives advice either the patient needs to rest or is fit to work.

Certification of the doctor:

The doctor has to clarify the date and time on which the patient was examined.

Signature of the doctor:

To make the note valid, it must contain doctor’s signature. You should also check New Patient Registration Form.

When is a doctor’s note required?

  • Provide a doctor’s note is the policy of many companies when you are absent for more than three days. Employee can also fake a doctor’s note in order he is away from work for other reasons that are not acceptable at work.
  • Students may have to provide a doctor’s note when they want a day off from the school. This is because most schools usually don’t allow the students just to be absent. For going to school late, you might be penalized. So, a doctor’s note protects your from all these trouble.
  • If you work in the organization that have both night and day shift then you can use a doctor’s note to select a shift that you prefer. Doctor can state that at a specific time you are on strong medication.

The advantages of using a doctor’s note template:

A doctor’s note template provides various benefits to both the doctor and the individual. They are easy to use. You just have to find out the template that suits your requirements then download it and complete and print. Furthermore, they are cost-effective and you can reuse the template over and over again. You don’t have to waste your valuable time and nor spend money on template creation software.


In conclusion, a doctor’s template is a helpful tool for both the healthcare providers and the individual. It serves as evidence of patient’s appointment with the physician or doctor. It is also known as medical certificate. It is important to use sample note in order to avoid confusion when writing this note.