31+ Free New Patient Registration Form Templates [Word]

A new patient registration form is the first form that you will need to get admitted to a hospital. All other forms come after it. This form is used for two different purposes;

  • It is used to gather information related to new patients to establish a new patient record.
  • This form is also used to collect information needed to assist the computer perform correctly and safely in a computer-assisted surgery.

When a patient enters in a new hospital, he has to fill out a new patient registration form. You have to provide the basic information about the patient. Providing the patient’s medical history is also mandatory. However, the basic information may include patient’s name, contact information, details of the patient responsible for payment, or other required information. You should also check Headache Diary Template.

The importance of a new patient registration form:

In hospitals, the recovery cycle starts the patient registration. So, a new patient registration form is the first step in the treatment of patient’s condition. This is because it is essential to make sure that the information given in the form is accurate and complete. The doctors can’t take next steps in the health care process if any information provided by the patient is incorrect. We can say that the filling in this form is the first step in successfully taking care of the patient.

Furthermore, hospitals should use a script or checklist to make sure that all the important information is collected at the time of registration. The front desk is responsible to ensure that all the necessary information is provided by a new patient. Have a look at a patient information form template in order to find out what information must be included in the form.

Most of the people consider a patient registration a headache. People also get frustrated after completing a form. However, the hospitals should understand that the primary purpose of this form is to make billing process seamless. In most cases, the information is provided by the patient or his/her guardian. Keep in mind that the whole patient care process will be affected if any information is omitted or incorrect.

Other than ensuring that the information provided is accurate and complete, the hospital management can also find the things that they may find difficult to interpret. In addition, the hospital administration also makes sure that the copies of the documents provided by the patient are original. This will make things easier in order to verify anything in the future. Sometimes mistakes happen in the registration process due to the complexity of the process. It means that there is too much information on the form for the patient to deal with. Hence, you have to draft a patient registration form that isn’t too lengthy and uses easy terminologies. To ensure a seamless registration process, the hospital should draft a patient information form that is easy for the patient.

Information mandatory for patient registration:

The best way to find out what information is necessary for patient registration is take a look at patient information form template. The majority hospitals make a process of patient registration easy and quick. During the registration process, the hospital admin will ask the patients to provide the following information in order to ensure a successful treatment/ surgery;

  • A list of current medications
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Insurance coverage
  • Contact information
  • Current health conditions
  • Past health problems

The patients have to make sure that they have provided the aforementioned information when they visit a hospital for patient registration. If doctor asks for any information other than the aforementioned, you must include it.


In conclusion, a new patient registration form is given by the medical care providers to the patient to fill out all the necessary information. When the patient completes the form with all relevant information then a member of the medical staff should review it.