31+ Free Patient Satisfaction Survey Templates [Word]

A patient satisfaction survey template is used by the doctor to find out what patients think of their practice. A patient satisfaction survey plays an important part in determining care quality and makes sure that patients are taken better care of. This survey gives doctor and other medical staff valuable data that helps them to improve patient experience and assure better outcomes.

In 2013, the MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) has studied various medical practices to assess their performance. The results showed that 80% of all the practices that performed well are due to patient satisfaction surveys.

Furthermore, patient satisfaction survey makes sure better communication with patients. Nowadays, the government and health insurance companies have relied heavily on patient satisfaction survey in order to assess performance. This survey includes a lot more than just the patient feedback.

Things you should know:

Before start creating the survey questions, you should sit down with your medical staff and find out the potential problem areas in your practice. You should find out the following information;

  • How much time your patients did wait?
  • Are they getting enough time with you?
  • At your office, do they have easy access to their health information maintained?

In short, you have to find out which areas need improvement. The basic purpose of this step is to include only relevant questions in patient satisfaction survey. With the help of template, you can include all the relevant things in a medical release form.

The questions should be specific such as instead of asking the patients how satisfied they are with your practice; you should ask them how satisfied they are with the time they have to wait to see you. This way, you can obtain actionable information. The results can be good or bad but the information you obtain will be actionable that you can use to address the concerns of your patients.

After that, you have to decide either you have to survey your patients for a single experience or their general experiences with the practice. In order to get a general idea of how your patients feel about your practice, you should use a single experience survey. While, to make sure that you know everything needed to satisfy you patient for a longer period of time use a general survey. Moreover, after analyzing how best you can receive the information from your patients, you should select a type of survey.

How to create a patient satisfaction survey?

Let use discuss below how to create a patient satisfaction survey;

  • At first, include questions that pay attention to the common areas of patient satisfaction. Ease of communication, access to care and interactions with staff/physician are the common areas of patient satisfaction survey.
  • Don’t include questions that don’t give you actionable information. Never include such questions that require a yes or no response because they don’t provide you actionable data. Use rating options like satisfied/neutral/very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, dissatisfied/ very dissatisfied. This way, you will get more actionable information.
  • The best way to identify how satisfied patients are with your practice is to check whether they will recommend your practice to their family or friends. You can do this in a great way through a patient satisfaction survey.
  • Ask your patients to provide you a detailed feedback in the survey. For this, include an open-ended, general comments section at the end of the survey.
  • Your survey must consist of seven or eight questions in order to obtain valuable information from the survey. So, you have to keep it short.


In conclusion, a patient satisfaction survey template is a good way to design your patient satisfaction survey. This survey provides you valuable data about how to improve patient experience and make sure better outcomes. It is the best way to find out what patients think of your practice.