31+ Printable Headache Diary Templates [Excel+Word]

A headache diary template is an effective tool used by the doctors to identify triggers or causes of a patient’s headache. Some triggers are very common while the others can’t pinpoint by the doctors in a right away. With the help of a headache diary, the doctor can determine the information to reach a proper diagnosis.

What to include in your headache diary?

If you want to keep a headache diary then you should include the following information in it;


When you have a headache, write down the date and time i.e. when the headache began and when it ended. If the women experience headaches around the time when their period comes then it would be an indication of a menstrual migraine.

Symptoms and signs:

If your headache started with other symptoms like throbbing, vomiting, etc then take note of how long it took before these symptoms. This is very essential information for your doctor so that he comes up with a diagnosis.

Type of headache:

During headache, you can feel different type of pain like dull, blinding, splitting, throbbing, stabbing, etc. Moreover, state that whether the headache remains constant or comes in waves.

The intensity of pain:

For including this information, rate your pain from 1- 10.

Location of the pain:

Note down the location of the pain. The source of the pain can be in a particular location such as between your eyes, in front of your head, or in other area of your head.

Medication you have taken:

For headache, if you have taken any medication or treatment, mention it in your headache diary.

Effect of medication:

Also, indicate that how medication or treatment affect your headache. Did you get relief right away or did it take time to go away? You should also note down these details.

Duration and quality of sleep:

The night before the headache started, how many hours you slept mention in the diary. Also, state the quality of your sleep. These details also have an effect on the headache you are experiencing.

Your diet details:

Note down that what type of food you consumed before the pain started. Write down the foods and drinks you have taken the day before as well.

The activity you have done before the headache:

Think about the activity you did before you had a headache. Whatever the activity you have performed include it in your migraine diary.

Benefits of using a headache diary:

You can update you headache diary when you want. It is based on the on how your doctor wants to approach the condition. Your chart would be more helpful and effective if it contains more details. However, it’s better to write down all relevant information. This document provides you several benefits. Some of them are as follow;

  • In case, you don’t identify the cause of your headaches then the information you have jot down in your diary can help you a lot. You may notice some common triggers that happen before your headaches begin.
  • The great benefit of this document is that anyone can keep it. Adults can keep their own diary. On the other hand, parents can also keep it for their children.
  • Headache and migraine can make you feel powerless. You can feel like you are losing control of your body if you don’t know the cause of your headache. With the help of a headache diary, you can identify more about your condition.
  • After consulting with your doctor, you can use it to monitor your progress.


In conclusion, a headache diary template is an excellent tool for both the doctor and patients. It helps them in managing and understanding their headaches better. By keeping the important details in the headache diary can help a doctor in the diagnosis of a patient’s headache. Then, the doctor suggests different treatments or lifestyle changes to experience relief.