27+ Fillable Blank Check Templates [100% Free]

A blank check template is used by banks in order to give their clients unique checks that will provide them an easy access to withdraw or deposit money. Each check contains unique trace numbers and bank numbers. Official bank issues blank checkbooks to their clients that are a combination of a hundred blank checks. Moreover, the paper checks are more secure way for money processes nowadays. But online payments are also very common these days.

Important components of a blank check:

Here are some details about every component of the blank check;

  • At the top of check, name of the bank.
  • In the top right corner of the check, insert the date.
  • The recipient name; person who will receive the money. Write your name in case you cashed by yourself.
  • Amount in both words and numeric form.
  • The signature line; it is the most important part of the check that serves as a permission document or authorization to release a specific amount of money. In the bottom right, to make it legal, leave a signature line for the drawer’s signature.
  • Check number; it assists you in keeping track of your checks that how many checks you are used for payment.
  • Account number; this number tells the specific transaction of money such as withdraw or deposit against this account number.
  • Bank also issues a unique code for every client.
  • Routing number; on the left corner of the check, the first nine digit codes are the routing number. This is also called the region number.
  • Drawer; he is a person who writes the check.
  • Payee; individual or entity who receives the money.
  • Drawee; place where checks are represented for payment.

Different types of blank check templates:

Blank payroll check template:

This is type of blank check template is issued for professional and presentable checks. Different organizations used it for their payroll purposes. People use it for making professional and business oriented transactions. Furthermore, its presentable appearance grabs the attention of the user who receives such checks.

Blank deposit check template:

This type of template can be used by the users for depositing money in their accounts. You can use it after making important changes.

Blank dollars check template:

It has elegant design and you can use it for monetary transaction purposes with ease.

Blank donation check template:

As its name implies, it is used for the purpose of using it for making donations.

Other types may include blank check from teacher, blank company check template, etc.

The uses of blank check template:

The primary and important use of blank check template is education. This is the perfect way for teaching the kids and adults about the dos and don’t of issuing checks. They don’t have option for making mistake in writing checks. This is because overwriting is not allowed and it may lead to cancellation of the check.

These blank checks also come in handy when you are running short of checks. You can also use them when the bank is closed and you have to make a payment through a check immediately.

How to create a blank check template?

It is tricky to create a blank check from scratch especially when you don’t have enough knowledge of designing software and familiarity with checks in general. During creating a check, keep one thing in mind that you don’t have to replicate the name and logo of the bank in your template as it is a punishable offense by law. It is only the authority of banks to design checks with their names and logos. Furthermore, you should use blank check templates because they allow you to create checks with effortless ease.


In conclusion, a blank check template is a piece of paper issued by the bank to their clients to withdraw or deposit money. According to your bank name, logo, types of accounts, and other features, you should select your check register from the blank check templates.