35+ Free Massage Intake Form Templates [MS Word]

A message intake form is used by therapists to record patient’s details. Before patient’s appointment, therapists require them to fill out the massage intake form. The therapists send an online version of the form to the patients through mail in order to make sure the form is completed before the appointment.

Moreover, this form includes the patient’s contact information, certain policies, and takes an idea of the patient’s issues, medications, and contraindications. It also requires the patient to provide his personal information. Also, it asks the patient a series of questions. The main purpose of this form is to identify the most suitable therapy for the patient. The form also includes basic information relevant to the healthy history of the patient like skin, digestive, psychological, musculoskeletal health problems, etc. In the end, form contains the consent of the patient.

It is mandatory for each and every patient to fill out the massage intake form. This is a great source for therapists who are just starting out. You can also download the massage intake form online and then use it to take the required information from clients.

The importance of a massage intake form:

Here are some of the reasons a massage intake form is significant;

  • It is the best way to provide the massage therapist the information he/she needs to perform the therapy appropriately. When the therapist is aware of all of the client’s health then he will make a personalized therapy plan for him/her.
  • Every person has different ailments and health issues. So, they all get different treatments. The therapist uses a treatment plan for one client that may not work for another. This form makes the therapists able to develop individualized treatment plans.
  • Client intake forms make everything clear to massage therapist by informing what areas they need to focus on. In the development of client treatment plan, the form allows clients to play an active role.
  • Furthermore, this form informs the therapists that what they should avoid during the treatment. For example, the intake form makes sure that the therapist is extra careful during treating a client if you inform them about any allergies, injuries, or accidents the client may have suffered.

Elements of a massage intake form:

Below are the elements that a massage intake form should contain;

Client’s personal information:

A client’s personal information includes the following;

  • the client’s name
  • phone number
  • date of birth
  • home address
  • email address

By providing above information, after the conclusion of therapy session, clients will make sure that therapists are able to contact them.

The client’s medical history:

You can find client’s medical history in the majority of the medical forms. The medical history in the client intake form should indicate the following;

  • recent injuries and surgeries
  • medical conditions
  • allergies
  • medications
  • infectious diseases
  • contraindications
  • blood-clotting issues

The goals of the therapy session:

The massage intake form should contain that why the client wants to get a massage. The client will allow the therapist to develop a treatment plan by writing down in the form why he/she wants to get the massage. In this way, client informs the therapist what areas of the body he/she needs to pay attention more.

Disclaimer notice:

This section is for the therapist. It is at the bottom of the massage intake form. This section protects the therapist from legal action. It contains the policies of the massage therapist. Basically, it is a great way to inform the client about ethical norms and cancellation policies.


In conclusion, a massage intake form protects clients in a number of ways. It assists the therapist in protecting his/her reputation. This form is the best way for the therapist to know how his/her client wants to proceed with the upcoming massage therapy session.