12+ Free Doctor Letterhead Templates [Word, PDF]

A doctor letterhead template is a document that includes the name and address of the doctor or the organization they are representing. This document is an important tool to promote your business. Letterhead is a piece of paper that represents your business including the basic information at the top of the paper.

What is a doctor letterhead?

A doctor letterhead is a piece of paper that includes the information about the doctor and clinic. You will find the doctor’s name, degree title, and contact information of the top of this document. During the medical service, every doctor or medical professional must have a letterhead.

Moreover, the letterhead of the prescription paper acts as an authentication document that indicates this prescription has been written by a doctor whose name is placed on the letterhead. Doctors must have a paper with letterhead. This way, they represent their medical service or work in a unique and impressive design.

Different types of doctor letterhead templates:

Let us discuss below some different types of doctor letterhead templates;

Dentist letterhead template

An official document with the letterhead is one the best way to communicate with your patients more effectively. Every healthcare professional needs a paper which describes their work. Similarly, dentists also requires letterhead to represent the specialization of dentists. The document must contain the degree title and logo that presents it is a dentist prescription paper. The design of the letterhead should be simple but eye-catching.

Healthcare letterhead template

Everyone wants to promote their business particularly when you are in the field of medicine. You need to design an attractive document with an impressive letterhead in order to grab the attention of people towards your clinic or healthcare. The letterhead acts as evidence that this letter is issued by healthcare, whose name is mentioned in healthcare. The name of the healthcare, contact details of healthcare, logo, and address should be included.

Clinic letterhead template

Write a letterhead in such a way that is understandable and readable. From color selection to font size, everything should be clear and polished. Clinic letterhead is the best way to give your basic clinic details in which the clinic’s name, address, contact details are included. These days, it is standard way to make your official document. Furthermore, you can make it more legible and attractive by sticking with one or two light colors with a simple font and decent background.

Medical letterhead template

You should have a document in the field of medicine that defines your identity. The medical letterhead includes all the basic information to make it a professional document.

The key elements of a doctor letterhead:

The doctor letterhead should include the following elements;

  • The name of your clinic and logo
  • The name of the doctor as well as the degree title
  • The location of your clinic
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Social media address
  • Timing of the clinic

How to make your letterhead impressive?

Here are some tips that helps you in making your letterhead impressive;

  • In making your letterhead impressive, color selection is very important. A simple letterhead makes a good impression on the patients. You should just select two or three decent light colors in order to make it more understanding and impressive.
  • The logo is the identity of any organization or business. At the top of the letterhead, use the clinic logo to grab the attention of your client. It assists you in recognizing you across all the world.
  • You should use the standard size of text that gives a great look to your letterhead.
  • You should use solid background colors in order to make your letterhead attractive.


In conclusion, a doctor letterhead template is a proper and authentic way of communication with your patients. Your letterhead should be simple, unique, and designed impressively. Also, the design of the letterhead should be readable and understandable.