Free To Do List Template [Excel+Word+PDF]

In this post, you will get a free To do List Template. The most essential part of a business is the projects it undertakes, and the project management it shows. Its progress in the business world is determined not by innovations and risks it takes, but by how efficiently those risks are executed. That is exactly what management is. Project management in particular is the set of actions that goes into managing a certain project to achieve the end goals associated with it. The set of tasks include:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Specifications
  5. Control

And all of this is to be done in a certain amount of time for it to be efficient; otherwise, it does not really make a difference.

You must be wondering why I am suddenly explaining what project management is, so here is the deal. We know how many project management tools there are, we have discussed so many of them before. But the easiest one to follow and design is called the “To-do list”. It gets the job done just as much precisely if not more as many other really complicated project management tools, and it is relatively simpler.

After I explain a to-do list to you, I will also tell you about the to do list template we are offering you here.

What is a To-do List in Project Management?

I’m sure we have heard about a to-do list, I’m also very sure we have made one for ourselves at least once in our life. It is one of the most common practices to manage something. It is not only extensively used in a professional environment; people use it every day in their personal lives as well. So what is it?

It is a project management tool that helps you identify your priorities in a set of different tasks, break them up into small manageable sizes for certain amounts of time, and keep track of them. In other words, it is a simplified form of a timetable. And when you are done performing your task, you simply check the box or do something similar that would prove your task completion. In simple words, it is a checklist that shows you the steps you have to take to achieve a certain goal. Here you can also download Issue Tracking Template.

A to-do list is also called a task list, so make sure to not confuse yourself between the two as they are essentially the same thing. you may also like Weekly Timesheet Template.

What does a To-do list template consist of?

A to do list template or a task list template consists of so many different elements, however, compared to the other project management tools; it is relatively simple and straightforward. A To do list template can consist of the following components

  1. List of projects/task that has to be performed
  2. Status of those tasks
  3. The priority assigned to the tasks
  4. Deadline/due date of those tasks
  5. Persons appointed to do the individual tasks
  6. Description of the tasks

The good news here is, the task list template we are offering you here has all of the above-stated components. All you have to do is download the template and get on with your work! Download the Gantt chart template.