Free New Employee Orientation Checklist Templates [Word]

Free New Employee Orientation Checklist Templates, Starting up and running a business comes with a lot of work and responsibilities that cannot be done by one person alone. A business is not one man working day and night; it is the cohesion of different departments, different types of people, and different ideas that come together to form something very successful. And for a very successful business, a company’s employees and human resource is the key.

So let us assume your business is going well, everything is going great, you are making the money, your products are doing great in stores, and everything seems to go well. But you have a little dilemma, you have hired a bunch of new employees all related to different departments, but you do not know how to completely prepare them for their job, how to make sure they have all the information of their work ethics in your company. Easy! You conduct an employee orientation.

You conduct an employee orientation and you give your newly hired employees a basic idea of the work you require from them. But there is one other problem, how will you keep track of the topics you have to go through during the orientation to prepare the employees you have hired? Also easy! You just have to download this new employee orientation checklist template we have for you here. you may like Employee Training Plan Template.

But before I tell you more about the template itself, I should talk a bit more about the employee orientation that one is to conduct on the arrival of newly hired employees. you may also like the Restaurant Profit and Loss Template.

What is Employee Orientation and why is it Conducted?

To put it very simply, a job orientation or a new employee orientation is a process that is used by a company to welcome its new employees and give them a basic idea of the job they have taken on. It allows the company to give their newly hired employees more information on:

  1. Their Work
  2. Workspace
  3. Pay
  4. Facilities
  5. Benefits
  6. Company ethics and history
  7. Dress code
  8. Rules
  9. Structure

The good thing about an employee orientation is that it does all the above work, and still remains semi-casual, which allows the new employees to socialize and interact with other people while still remaining in a professional setting.

So, simply put, the role of an orientation is to make an employee feel welcomed.

Although employee orientation varies from company to company, it is important to know that the basic idea for it is the same, to make the employees feel welcomed while informing them of the major details on the company and the nature of their job. Job orientation also varies from department to department, level of job, responsibilities, and post. To keep a track of everything that should be discussed in employee orientation, we offer you Free new employee orientation checklist templates.

What This Template Offers

This Free new employee orientation checklist template gives you exactly what you require. You just have to modify the New Employee Orientation Checklist Template according to your structure of orientation and give it to the employee you have hired so they could keep track of everything that has or has not been discussed with them. It also ends with an acknowledgment signature to make sure everything has been discussed with the employee thoroughly.