Free Family Tree Templates & Charts [Excel+Word+PDF]

A family tree template is used to visually show the relationship between generations. It provides you a common way of visualizing your family history and ancestors. In addition, the family tree templates help you to showcase the members of your family in a pleasant and original manner.

What is a family tree?

A family tree is actually a simple hierarchy that shows all the members belonging to many generations of a particular family. It is known as a family tree because it is structured just like a normal tree. The roots represent the ancestors and the branches are the children. Moreover, you should make a tree in such a way that the future members of your family add their own names to the tree.

Above all, if you don’t have any idea about your ancestors and distant relatives then a family tree can be an excellent way to educate yourself.

3 main types of a family tree:

The three main types of a family tree are listed as under;

Ancestor family tree:

As its name implies, it displays the ancestor of a person. Commonly, it begins from the bottom with the person’s wants to know their ancestor chart, leading upwards towards their parents, grandparents, and so on.

Descendants family tree:

This type of family tree follows a descending structure. It represents the descendants of the pro-band. It usually begins from the top representing all the children and the children of the forefathers.

Sandglass family tree:

It contains the both ancestor and the descendant family tree. Here pro-bands are in the middle and over and below their name it shows the ancestors, children, and relatives.

Some other types of family tree templates are;

  • Five-Generation Ancestor Family Tree
  • Stepfamily Tree
  • Biographical Family Tree
  • Family Group Sheet
  • Relationship Chart
  • Adoptive Family Tree Chart

Benefits of creating a family tree:

Here are some common benefits of creating a family tree;

  • At first, it enables you to know your roots well. It also connects you to your heritage.
  • By creating a family tree, you can know about the names and stories behind your ancestors and those facts bring your closer.
  • With the help of a family tree, you can know about the sacrifices of your ancestors that they had made to improve the lives of their families.
  • By knowing the roots, a sense of belonging develops in you.
  • You can easily recognize your distant cousins and relatives whom you rarely meet.
  • Furthermore, it makes you able to avoid unacceptable social acts.
  • You can make connections that can be helpful in many aspects of life including career and much more.


In conclusion, a family tree template is such a handy tool that enables you to study and understand the relationships which you were never aware of. It is the best way to teach yourself and your children about the past generations. Also, there are various family tree templates in word format that you can download from any website to quickly create a family tree.