31+ Free Rotating Schedule Templates [Excel+Word]

Rotating schedule template is a type of scheduling system that is never fixed and only implemented for a limited period of time. This schedule allows the employees take part in a cycle where they find themselves working the night, day, and swing shifts as required. On the other hand, a fixed schedule is the opposite of this schedule that doesn’t allow the employees to move their shift.

Employees can select only one shift either for the day, night or swing. These schedules don’t change. This means employees always have the same work hours. But, for some reason, they can move to a new shift.

Different types of rotating schedules:

This schedule is also known as work calendar schedules. You can work on one set of shifts then have a shift change at some fixed point by following this type of schedule. On the basis of the load of work for a specific company, employers can apply these shifts whether to full-time or part-time positions.

The main purpose of making this type of schedule to complete tasks 24/7. Manufacturers usually make this type of schedule that wants continuous production. Other places of employment like roadwork crews, utility and repair companies, hospitals, and so on also use this type of schedule. Let us discuss the most common types of rotating schedules;

Rotating 8-hours shifts:

Employees follow this type of rotating schedule for 8 hours a day and 40 hours each week. 24 hours are completed in three shifts that cover both night and day from Monday to Friday. Moreover, companies that follow this type of shift are usually closed on the weekends.

The 1st shift is the day’s earliest shift. It starts at 8:00 pm. By having one or two breaks, employees work their mandatory 8-hours. This shift is preferred by the people who want to spend time with their families at the end of the day. Furthermore, this will also make them able to drop their kids to school and pick them up later in the day.

When 1st one ends, the 2nd shift starts. This shift commonly starts at 4:00 pm for 8 hours having some breaks in between. The employees having this shift will leave the office at around midnight.

The 3rd shift starts at around midnight when the 2nd shift ends. It ends at 8:00 in the morning. Therefore, this shift is also known as the “graveyard shift.” The employees of this shift receive some sort of extra compensation. This is because it’s the least wanted among the three shifts.

Rotating 2-2-3 shift:

Rotating 2-2-3 shift has many variations. Here, for a total coverage 24/7, the company makes 4 teams of employees with 2 shifts which last for 12-hours. You should use a rotating schedule maker to create this schedule in order to ensure that there are different teams through the night and day shifts and on off-duty days.

Using this kind of schedule may be a challenge. But, it does work. In this kind of shift, each employee works 42 hours a week and also works 2 hours overtime. The thing that employees like this kind of shift is that they have a 3-day weekend 2 times each month. In a 2-day work week, if you want a 2-day vacation, you can get 7 days off.

Some benefits of a rotating schedule:

Some benefits of rotating schedule include the following;

  • Enthusiasm to work better
  • Establish a better customer experience
  • Same experiences and opportunities
  • Time to train their employees
  • During peak hours, employees become more adept on their responsibilities


In conclusion, a rotating schedule template is a helpful document that is never fixed and subject to change. This schedule in Excel provides flexible opportunities for the employees who want to render services in different shifts for different jobs as well. Additionally, this schedule is helpful in alleviating various issues.