48+ Free Letterhead Templates [Word]

A letterhead template plays a significant role in creating a physical image of your brand. Most companies/businesses have their own custom letterheads. It is because letterhead is important printing collateral. Moreover, it assists in portraying the professionalism and credibility of a company.

Writing letters are an essential part of business communication. Thus, a letterhead makes you able to make a good impression on clients and even other companies.

Letterhead format:

You can’t make a letterhead if you aren’t familiar with its format. The letterhead format is always the same. However, you have to spice things up a little bit in order to create memorability. There are three main formats;

  • The corporate: In this letterhead format, at the top, there should always be the logo of the company.
  • The traditional letterhead: At the center (top) of the page, this forma usually has the company’s name. The address is at the center (bottom).
  • The casual letterhead: This format can be designed as per the writing style of the company. This is because this letterhead is mostly used on internal letters.

Since business letters are formal in nature so the rest of the content should remain simple. You have to ensure that the contact information is placed strategically. There is no need to add a lot of contact information just the phone number and email is sufficient.

Components of a letterhead:

During creating a letterhead, you should include the following essential components;

The company’s logo acts as the identification of the business. You should ensure that the logo is well-fitted on the company letterhead. You can place it on the top of the page in the center. The logo should be clear and visible.

Business/company details

The company’s name, logo, and mailing address are information that makes a company’s identity. For branding and marketing, the name and the logo are important details. In addition, the contact information is an essential component for interactions with customers and partners. Other than these components, it can also include the following;

  • Professional license number: A license number indicates the company is licensed to practice a particular profession.
  • Membership and awards: companies can add this information to the company letterhead when they are members of a particular movement or campaign. If the company has won an award that is worth mentioning then they can also include it to the letterhead.
  • Established date: An established date indicates the year when a company was founded. You can also include it in the company letterhead.
  • Social media addresses: Nowadays, most companies have social media accounts. So, a company letterhead can also add the company’s social media addresses. They are considered acceptable channels of communications in business.
  • The Name of the Business: The logo isn’t always enough because not everyone thinks a certain logo represents a particular business. Therefore, your letterhead must contain the name of the business in full. You should place it at the top of the logo.
  • Contact Information: The letterhead should include the contact information of the business like the phone number, email, and postal address.

Company’s mission:

At the bottom of the page in the footer section, place the mission/slogan of the company.

How to create a letterhead in MS Word?

Follow the below steps to create a letterhead in MS Word;

  • At first, sketch a rough letterhead design.
  • Then, launch MS Word.
  • Create a file ‘My Letterhead Template’
  • Insert header
  • Add the letterhead text
  • Add the logo
  • Adjust the size and position
  • Insert the visual elements
  • Add your tagline in the footer
  • Review the letterhead
  • Save to hard drive


In conclusion, a letterhead template commonly includes the company name, address, and company logo. Company’s letterhead makes the company’s letters to look more professional. You don’t have to hire a graphic designer to make your company’s letterhead. You can easily create it in MS Word or download a letterhead template online.