13+ Free Decision Log Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

Decision log template is used to keep track of different decisions on business meetings. Decision-making is a difficult task. Some persons can take the decisions easily but at corporate level or even by small companies decision making becomes a lot of difficult. Nowadays, everyone has become so busy that it is essential to keep pace with the fast-changing world. You should be aware of every detail. This can help in the process of the decision-making.

Different types of decision log templates:

Decision log sheet template

This type of decision log template contains information on the guidelines and principles of the employee retirement system of a specific place.

Key decision log template

This template provides information on the several factors. All these factors are essential in the decision-making. It includes titles such as;

  • Who
  • Time and Date
  • Key Decision
  • Associated Risk
  • Alternatives Considered
  • A Rationale For The Decision
  • Cost Short Term
  • Implications Long Term
  • AA/IC Concurrence

Business decision log template

This document also helps in decision-making. It has titles such as source, owner, priority, date added, status, decision date, and more.

Meeting decision log template

Components such as a team, board, attend, action register, decision logo, parking lot, and many more are mentioned in this specific template.

Action decision log template

The action decision log template includes title such as a decision, who, when, who need to be told, and action completed.

SFRs board meeting decision log template

This type of decision log template contains information on the relationships with local authorities. This includes items, review dates, decisions, and much more that can assist in the process of the decision making.

Project decision log template

The components such as decision ID, alternatives, decision date, decision statement, decision rationale, venue and more are mention in this certain type of template.

How to use decision log template?

Here are some useful tips for using such template;

  • In order to make decision log comprehensive, you should capture all the fields that are provided in it.
  • The log should be circulated to all the members of the team whenever the decision log is updated. This makes them aware of the happenings.
  • For follow-up actions, the log should be reviewed periodically with the management.
  • You should use Excel format. This is because it is more flexible and enables updating the action items with ease.
  • The management and the relevant members become aware of the decision by including impact of it.
  • Also, mention the person who is responsible for adding this decision in the log item.


In conclusion, a decision log template is used to monitor the items present in the log continuously. They assist in making the project execution smooth. They give complete details about various decisions that are recorded by the employees. This log template is also considered as action log template.