35+ Free Request For Proposal Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

You should use a request for proposal template when you are looking for funding or services towards a specific project. Make your proposal in a better way so that you can surely get the help you need towards your proposed project.

What is a request for proposal?

A request for proposal or RFP is a document that outlines a need for a certain project and its requirements. Businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations use this document. From businesses or vendors who are qualified to do the work, this is used to gain bids and select the best candidate for the job. It is used to invite different contractors to fund or participate in the project. Furthermore, it can be quite complicated.

The process of request for proposal:

Let us discuss step-by-step the process of request for proposal;


At first, you have to identify what qualities matter the most to you while selecting a company to do the project. For instance, the required skill set, reviews or references, or cost estimates. Before you release a request for proposal to the public, this is something that must be done. It assists in narrowing down the number of proposals that are serious about doing the job.


The next step is to make your Request for Proposal. Include the following information in your document;

  • The business’ history
  • A detailed description of your project
  • Any certain requirements like tools, materials, products, systems, etc.
  • For your project, an outline of the budget
  • Define milestones and deadlines
  • Some additional details or answers that you have to answer
  • The deadline for submissions
  • Your contact details

Statement of purpose

This is the most significant of your request for proposal that should be done in a professional way. It should explain the purpose of the request. Also, state that which part of the business is affected. Keep this section brief and concise.

Background Information

Here, you have to provide detailed information of your company or organization and its operation. The weaknesses and strengths of the company, threats, and opportunities should be included. You should also provide details about the selected representative for this project.

Scope of Work

The specific duties that have to be performed by potential bidders, give clear indications about them here. Also, state the outcomes that you are expecting. To give clearer insight about the work, keep a detailed list of the responsibilities.

Performance Standards

The target outcomes and standards of performance that your company has set should be specified here. Provide details about how you take corrective actions and your criteria for evaluating performance.

Terms and Conditions

For any Request for Proposal, agreement terms and conditions are necessary. You have to be clear about start and end dates for the agreement. This will assist you in creating a timeline for getting tasks accomplished on time.

Penalties and Payments

It is also important to list down any payment terms for the bidders given performance, any penalties for performance that is not enough, and incentives for those who provide superior performance.

Requirements for Proposal Preparation

Include the information on the proposal and its content. Also, mention any important documents required for evaluation by potential bidders. You should also give a list of any documentation you want to obtain.

Process Schedule

In this section, you have to go over everything you have included in the document. The first steps, final decisions, submitting the proposal and letter of intent should be included here.


Write the contact information of anyone you would need to contact for information on the RFP.


After creating your RFP, it’s time to make it public. You can public it via online social media, trade news outlets, etc.


In conclusion, a request for proposal template should be well-designed and specific about what you need. Keep it brief, don’t make it too detailed and restricted.