Weekly Timesheet Template [Excel, Word, PDF]

This article is about the weekly timesheet template. Starting your own business can be a daunting task because of a number of reasons; getting into such a competitive form of work can be nerve-wracking. Making your own company does not simply involve finding a piece of land, making your office, and sitting there drinking coffee, it is a lot of responsibility. That is exactly why big business owners dedicate the majority of their time to their companies because they cannot run themselves.

But honestly, the most unnerving task of owning a business and making sure it runs properly is the responsibility you hold over all the employees that work for your company. This responsibility includes a list of things. You have to make sure your employees are getting paid properly, you have to make sure they are doing their work properly, you have to keep track of everything they are doing that affects your business one way or another.

That is where a time card comes in, and if you continue to keep on reading, you will get to know more about the weekly timesheet template we are offering you here. you may also like Gantt Chart Template.

What is a time card?

Timecard is also called a timesheet, and it is a very useful tracking technique, used for recording your employees’ performance (quality and quantity of work). In other words, it is a method used to measure how many hours a certain employee spends working on his/her job. You may also check the Petty Cash Template.

A typical weekly timecard template should include space for the hours an employee spends working, space for calculating the income he/she receives for the work done, all of this by taking the following factors into consideration:

  1. Overtime work done
  2. Vacation
  3. Sick leave
  4. Current external factors such as the country’s Governmental rules and regulations

A timesheet takes all of the above into account and uses it to calculate a proper payroll for the said employee. Download Employee Training Plan Templates.

Why are timesheets useful?

Using time cards to calculate employees’ work has always been a very widespread activity and has been done for generations, albeit in different forms and ways. Currently, there are digital time cards used by big companies to track their employee’s workload and their corresponding pay.

Using non-digital time cards is essentially ideal for small companies, as they are inexpensive and they do the job at hand.

The benefits of using time cards are many, they allow you to have exact records at your disposal at any time, they also keep your employees and their performance in check, they can help you pinpoint and specify the time required to do a certain job. There are specifically designed time cards (templates) you can use for a certain purpose such as:

  1. The Timesheet project template
  2. Bi-Weekly Timesheet template
  3. Monthly Timesheet template
  4. Annual Timesheet template

I’m sure by now you have realized how important a properly drafted time card template is. Over here we are offering you a Bi-Weekly Timesheet template.

What this Weekly Timesheet Template offers

This is a minimalistic weekly timesheet template that you can easily personalize according to your needs and requirements. This may be a project time card template, but since it is so simple, it can easily be changed. And the best part about all this is! This weekly timesheet template Free is absolutely free!