Free Logic Model Templates & Examples [Word+PDF]

A logic model template is used to discuss the resources, activities, and outcomes of a program. It is basically a program planning tool. The main purpose of this template is to show the critical points of a program. Also, it represents how a particular organization achieved its desired goals.

What is a logic model?

A logic model is a graphic depiction that represents a program’s input, output, and outcomes. It is an effective tool that portrays the relationship between your program’s activities and their intended impacts. Moreover, this graphical illustration helps you to communicate the program’s workflow and process with the outside people precisely. With the help of this model, the team members of a particular project can easily understand their responsibilities and tasks.

4 key elements of a logic model:

Generally, a logic model template consists of four elements. All these elements give a complete overview of the program. The detail of each component is as follow;


This component explains the materials and resources that are required to complete a project.


The activities describe the actions and strategies to be performed and followed to accomplish the program.


The output of the program states that by following the activities the project gets desired results.


Outcomes typically are the program’s effect on an organization and the people for whom the project is developed. The impacts of the program may vary from short-term to long-term.
These are the key elements of any program. If you make your program more complicated and detailed, you can add more elements. You should also check the rental property expenses spreadsheet.

How to make the logic model?

Let us discuss step-by-step how to make the logic model;


At first, there comes a problem statement. A problem statement explains the issues and problems that you have to solve. It states that why you are developing this program and what issues are discussed by this program. It should be written clearly and precisely.


Next, define the goals that you want to achieve to solve the problem you have mentioned in the problem statement.


The next step is to determine the project resources. The resources may contain staff, materials, equipment, and funding that you require to complete a program.


After that, discuss the actions to be performed to get the desired results. This section also states the responsibilities and tasks of each team member.


Then, identify the output by providing a volume of work that acts as proof achieved by the activities.


In the end, determine the program outcomes. These outcomes represent the program’s impact on the people for whom the program is developed.


In conclusion, a logic model template is a planning tool that helps you to present how a program will achieve all desired targets. These templates are printable and customizable that you can download from any website. Furthermore, the logic model is the best way to discuss your program’s resources, activities to be performed, and intended results.