25+ Free Issue Tracking Template [Excel+Word]

Here you go with the Issue Tracking Template. Opening a business is the hardest thing to do next actually making a profit off of it and making sure it does not go bankrupt. But every business owner, be it of a small business or a large enterprise, knows the risk he/she take by entering into the harsh world of business that supposedly feeds off of risks and competition. So what can you do to become successful, and maintain that success in such a merciless environment?

Do you innovate? Take risks? Well, yes, but that is a pretty obvious thing to do, and it does not always give you the preferred outcome, on the contrary, it may even become detrimental for your company. So what is the strategical way to tackle the world of business? You try to recognize the issue and problems. And if possible, even eradicate them. But how would you do such a seemingly impossible task? Simple, just keep on reading.

Suppose you have decided to produce and sell a new product, you make a team of qualified people that are undertaking the project dealing with everything related to the new product. You have to make sure the project is as foolproof as possible because if not, even the tiniest of problems could create a great rift in the launching of that product. You would require a technique called the project issue tracking technique. We are also offering you a project issue tracking spreadsheet template to make your job easier for you.

What is Issue Tracking?

Issue tracking, issue management, or in particular, project issue tracking is basically a process used by many project managers to identify and resolve certain issues and problems associated with the project that is being undergone by them. check Weekly Timesheet Template.

Most of these issues by default are going to be unexpected, and most of the time, a team won’t be ready to deal with them. Issue tracking makes it certain for you and your team to make unpredictable issues slightly easier to deal with, as you will be aware of the brewing. So how do you do that? You make sure you stay on your schedule and are reaching your milestones accordingly. An issue tracker empowers that very idea. check Projected income statement Template.

What does an Issue Tracking Template Consists of?

An issue tracking template consists of the following.

  1. Issue log
  2. Type of issue
  3. Number
  4. Description of the issue
  5. Date of discovery
  6. Timing of the issue
  7. Category the issue is to be assigned to
  8. Priority of the issue
  9. Name of the person who identified the issue
  10. Name of the person who is assigned to resolve the issue
  11. And a target date of its potential resolution
  12. Resolution description

Although great many in number, most of these components are pretty self-explanatory. In fact, the large number of components of an issue tracking template shows how concise it can be and how beneficial it can be for your project and your company in general.

The issue tracking template excel we offer you right here has all of these components, it offers you everything you require, and it is absolutely free!