Free Concept Note Templates & Samples [Word+PDF]

A concept note template is used to create the shortest possible text or shortest version of a proposal. It is requested by a donor as the first step in funding applications. The concept notes basically provide information on the project idea. With the help of templates, you can make things simple and easier to understand.

Types of concept note:

There are different types of concept notes. Some of them are as follow;

1. Training concept note:

This type of concept note provides information on the training workshop. It provides background information along with statistics and concisely explains how the workshop would be of assistance.

2. Project concept note:

It provides information on the relevant background of the project. This concept note would mention the project name, the rationale of the project, a brief description, and other relevant information.

3. Product concept note:

This concept note includes information on the product being launched or the service being introduced. Furthermore, it would mention the description of the product, target market, and other important information about the product.

4. Conference concept note:

It provides information on a particular conference such as when it would be, where it would be, for whom it would be, purposes, objectives, and advantages of the conference.

5. Basic concept note:

A basic concept note includes important issues such as the importance of education for girls etc. it supports the arguments by providing relevant data.

6. Design concept note:

As its name implies, this concept note provides information on the website of a specific client. In addition, it would include the colors and design of the site, the name of the client, and other project details.

Some other types of concept notes are security concept notes and foundation concept notes. You may also like Warning Letter to Employee Templates.

How to write a concept note?

Here are some steps that will help you in writing a concept note;

  • At first, provide your concept note a comprehensive title. The header section includes the information such as submitted by and date of the submission. Bear in mind that your title should be short and reflects information about the project.
  • The next step is to mention the background of the issue you are trying to address and solve. State the root cause of the problem and indicate the statistic to address the issue. You should provide references to support the statistics.
  • With the help of the project, write the aims and objectives you want to achieve.
  • After that, use the statistics to mention the expected results.
  • In the end, indicate the required budget for the project. The information you provide should be brief and not very detailed. You may also see 30+ Free Thank you Letter Samples for Donations.


In conclusion, a concept note template is used to reach a certain goal by briefly explaining lengthy projects and developmental proposals in writing. Concept notes are used for a greater purpose. It is a formal document so it should be well-planned and well-structured. In addition, it contains the simplest expressions of what an author wants to write about. You can also use concept note templates as a guide while creating your own concept notes.