27+ Free Performance Evaluation Form Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

A performance evaluation form template is a formal document used by the companies to measure the employee’s work performance. A good employee evaluation plays a key role to the success of any business performance. This can be possible by using a performance evaluation form.

Moreover, it is used to keep employee progress by gathering information about employees’ skills, goals, and accomplishments. It provides feedback on employee job performance. This form also contains steps to improve or redirect activities as required.

Different performance evaluation methods:

Different performance evaluation methods are;

  • The HR accounting method.
  • Psychological appraisal
  • Behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS)
  • Client reviews
  • Assessment center approach
  • Subordinates appraising managers (SAM)
  • Managerial reviews
  • Self-appraisals

The approach you will pick reflects that what is in your mind regarding your employees and how much employee’s morale is important for you. However, picking the right approach isn’t easy, it’s critical. After selecting the right approach, you have to make sure that it is properly implemented in order to eliminate the possibility of critical performance gaps. You may also like 27+ Free Employee Termination Letter Templates [Word].

How to make a performance evaluation form?

The main purpose of this form is to collect all the important information by using a single sheet of paper. So, you should figure out all the essential performance aspects in the form. It’s up to you that which one you want to use for better and elaborate feedback either numerical scales or an open-end form. Additionally, you can also download performance evaluation form templates from any website. After downloading, you just have to customize it according to your evaluation needs. It may include changing company logo and two or three performance metrics.

Here are some tips on how to create a performance evaluation form;

  • Keep it simple and precise. The information you include should be concise and clear. It should contain smooth and understandable instructions to employees when completing the form. Also, it contains necessary details for executives or HR regarding the workforce. You should ask your managers to make use of SMART (specifics, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) approach when defining and evaluating performance.
  • Next, identify the purpose of the performance form. The form must include the guidelines so that employees know what information is needed.
  • Create a defined rating scale. You should make sure that you performance rating is fair, objective, and consistent. Use an even-numbered rating approach. It will help your managers in rating the employee as above or below average.

The essential functions of performance evaluation form:

The three essential functions of performance evaluation form are;

  • The main function of this form is to provide feedback to every employee regarding his or her performance.
  • It acts as the major component for modifying the employee’s behavior towards a productive working custom.
  • This form gives data to business managers. Then, this can be used in judging future work assignments.

The advantages of using performance evaluation form:

There are various advantages of using performance evaluation form. Some of them are;

  • It is used in measuring the performance of employees.
  • It assists in determining different areas of commendation.
  • Depending on the employees total percentage score, it becomes easy for an employer to rate his or her employees.
  • It offers self development i.e. both positive and negative feedback.
  • The form helps the management in identifying problems and clarifying the expectations and plans.
  • This form plays an important role in deciding who to promote, reward, or transfer.
  • It assists in monitoring the success of your business and the induction practices. You may also see Professional Warning Letter to Employee Templates [Word].


In conclusion, a performance evaluation form is a helpful tool in tracking your employee’s performance in a better way. The form ensures the progress within the business in terms of production and service delivery. It helps in providing efficiency in any working environment.