24+ Free Construction Proposal Templates (Excel, Word, PDF)

A construction proposal template is a document that contains the details of what you are expected to build or what your project looks like. This document protects all the sides involved in the construction project. The success of your construction project lies on construction proposal. So, you have to make this document in a professional manner.

Construction proposal doesn’t contain any ambiguity and is clear to both the parties with all its terms. The presentation of the proposal should be made in such a way that it protects interests of both parties in an appropriate way. However the format remains standard but each proposal is unique with new and different takeoffs and measurements. The factors that can influence your construction proposal may include;

  • Location
  • Weather
  • Construction material
  • Priority levels
  • Special requirements
  • You should also check Concept Note Templates.

What to include in your construction proposal?

Your construction proposal should consist of the following;

  • There is no need to overlook the basic elements of the construction proposal just include name, logo, contact address, and construction services of the company.
  • Explain the scope of your work. Also, state that you can do best to potential client’s construction project. The material quality, construction grades, worth of projects, and other relevant measurements can be discussed here.
  • You should offer the client the best suited dates to schedule and begin the project. In this way, you can complete the work substantially within defined deadlines and in efficient way. You should also schedule all parts of the project and set the timing that when they would be delivered. Before fixing the days, make sure to differentiate the calendar days and work days.
  • Mention the detailed description of the construction work to be done. Also, indicate the material, machinery, and man efforts to be utilized. In some cases, special machines are required to complete the project so also mention them here.
  • State the project price in a precise and simple way. To avoid any confusion, state the price both in digits and words. Terms and conditions of half and full payments and due amount of payments are also mentioned in the proposal.
  • Assign each member of the project specific tasks and state who will be responsible for what. Moreover, discuss who will have authority to deliver reports and collect payments from the client. In case, during construction project if taking decision is needed then mention who will be responsible.
  • Your construction proposal also contains the terms and conditions of the company. In this way, you can understand the policy of your company.
  • At the end of the construction proposal, affix the signature. The signing person has the authority to take decision during the construction project.


In conclusion, a construction proposal template is a helpful document in order to make an effective construction proposal. You can these templates from any website and they are easy to customize according to your company needs. Your proposal should be attention-grabbing.