31+ Free Certificate of Recognition Templates [Word]

A certificate of recognition template is awarded to a person in recognition for something. This certificate serves different purposes. For example, the certificate can indicate that a certified auditor has assessed the safety and health program of an organization. The organization receives a COR if the program meets all standards. However, if company wants a COR then they first have to develop their own safety and health program. After that, an auditor is called out to evaluate the program’s success.

From a certifying partner, the business can ask help in establishing the program. He/she can also give training services with the program. In other cases, within organization or a business, a COR is issued to employees. The type of COR is usually based on how many employees work within the company.

The benefits of giving out a certificate of recognition:

Giving out a COR is beneficial for various reasons. As we said above that this certificate serves different purposes so the benefits are widespread too. Below are the benefits of CORs;

  • With CORs, employers indicate that they run a safe and healthy workplace. This also indicates that they have a commitment to boost the organization. Furthermore, by having the COR, employees feel more secure about working in the organization.
  • A COR makes the process of hiring and keeping the employees easier. This would provide you an edge over other companies. It also promotes healthy competition when you give it to your employees. It also makes them work harder by knowing that they can receive reward for their efforts.
  • Obtaining this type of certificate may come with financial benefits. Company overall rating will improve by maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. Company also receives some discount on insurance premiums if they keep it up.
  • For the company or the employee, CORs act as public statements. It will indicate that how effective and committed it is to maintain high standards for the company in all situations. Furthermore, it shows how productive and effective the employee is. With CORs, company realizes that all the employee’s efforts to do a better job.

What to include in a certificate of recognition?

Your certificate must include the following elements;

The title:

“Certificate of Recognition” may be the title or whatever you select.

The presentation line:

This line has the words like “is awarded to” or “is presented to.”

The recipient’s name:

It is the full name of a person or a group who will be receiving the certificate.

The giver’s name:

It is the full name of a person or a group that is giving the certificate.

The description:

This section includes the reason for giving the certificate.

The date:

Write the date that when the certificate is presented.

The Signature lines:

Leave the space for authorized representatives to affix their signature. It is compulsory in order to make the certificate official.

Things to consider for making a professional certificate of recognition:

Your should consider the following things to make a professional certificate of recognition;

  • You should choose right kind of paper for the certificate. Make sure your printer is able to print on the paper you choose.
  • It is important to select an appropriate color scheme. Don’t make profession CORs too colorful. Select the color scheme that fits into your company’s scheme.
  • Don’t clutter the layout of your certificate too much. Keep in mind that it is a business COR so it should be sleek and professional.
  • You should use simpler ones fonts. You can also use more than one type of fonts.
  • There is no spelling and grammatical errors. Your certificate must look official.


In conclusion, a certificate of recognition is an official document given for the sake of providing recognition to the actions and efforts of the employee. It can be awarded by owner of the company, the employer, the CEO, or someone in high position.