30+ Free Best Certificate of Employment Samples [Word+PDF]

The employer may request for a certificate of employment samples when you apply for a job. They use it to verify your employment history. You have to request for a certificate of employment from your previous or current employer, then they will issue this certificate.

What is a certificate of employment?

A certificate of employment is a document consists of a single or a few pages long that includes information about your employment experiences in the company. Some certificates may look like a diploma while some simple memorandum.

As an employee, the certificate gets issued upon your request. You can receive it without undue delay. However, when you request it at a later date, it becomes difficult for your employer because they have to refer to past employee files.

When do you require a certificate of employment?

Here are some reasons that why you require this certificate;

Applying for a new job

Applying for a new job is the most common reason for requesting such a document. Potential employers use it to assess your qualifications as the work certificate contains your past work experience. The certificate acts as proof and as the initial point for an employer to prove whether you’re qualified or not.

Financial applications

If you still work for the company, then you can apply for a certificate of employment. This certificate can be used for credit applications, loan applications and other financial applications. Banks have to learn more regarding your current employment and your capacity to pay. Therefore, you would request your employer to verify that you work on daily basis and get a regular salary.

You request your employer, in some certificates, to indicate the amount of your salary in the document. This further indicates the bank that you have the ability to make payments regularly. Employer will never turn down this specific request as there’s nothing illegal about it. Additionally, this is also considered as a valid management prerogative exercise. You may also like ordination certificate templates.

Visa applications

You can ask for an employment certificate if you want to travel abroad. This certificate is used to convince the government to allow you to go out of the country. In your country, having a regular and stable job makes sure that you will return after the trip. People who apply for a visa generally add this document in their application papers.

How to use a certificate of employment?

For instances, it becomes a statement of fact about your employment when you ask for a certificate of employment for a reason such as a visa application. It doesn’t act as a clearance, suggestions, Salary Certification Certificate of Good Moral Character, or any other document that you can use against your employer.

As per law, upon the request of a current or former employee, employers should issue a certificate of employment template. However, in terms of the signatories of the certificate, there is no legal requirements. This certificate usually comes from the HR department for purposes of practicality. After that, it gets signed by a member of that department or the officer who deals with employee matters.

According to Standard Operational Procedure, this certificate is generally issued when you no longer work for your employer and have completed your clearance. In addition to this, there is no specific time for the release of this document.

The certificate has basic information about you as an employee that involve your position in the company and the time period of your employment. Sometimes, it also contains your duties and responsibilities.


In conclusion, a certificate of employment samples is an important document according to employment relationship aspect. When the employment agreement of an employee gets terminated, it should be delivered to them. Also, company has to issue this certificate upon the employee’s request.