31+ Free Volunteering Certificate Templates [Word]

A volunteering certificate template is used by an organization to make volunteering certificates for their employees. For the organization, it is mandatory to reward their employees a volunteering certificate. These certificates are important for those who have done volunteer work. Moreover, the issuance of this certificate is also considered your training hours.

By receiving a volunteering certificate, the enthusiasm of the employees increases. They will feel proud. This certificate shouldn’t just be a thank you note; it should also give what services they rendered. It also identifies the significance of a volunteer.

Reasons for doing a volunteer work:

There are several organizations that mostly depend on volunteer work. Those people who apply for volunteerism usually have a degree of interest in the work. In the volunteer work, time, talent and enthusiasm are crucial factors. Here are various reasons that why you should get involved in the volunteer work;

Build and establish healthy relationships:

In this current era, everyone has the cell phone and internet to talk to their loved ones at anytime and anywhere. However, in lasting relationships, online connections are not that effective. According to research, the occurrence of feelings of loneliness is higher than ever.

You should indulge yourself in the group of people who support a project. In this way, you can establish strong relationships within the group. Also, involve your family members in volunteer too.

Helps your professional life:

Volunteerism might be a successful venue because you are making connections outside your social network. By doing volunteering, you will find new friend and new connections. And this leads you to better business opportunities. Moreover, volunteering in various clubs will expose you to new social connections. It will surely result in a career gain.

Helps the society:

Nowadays, most businesses become very successful due to keeping a robust volunteer workforce. Their dependence on such volunteers to achieve their goals and missions is great. Not every business solely for profit, they also involve in projects that are good for the community.

In addition, for certain community projects, the government may lack resources and then these projects are taken over by the businesses. With the help of their volunteers, they can support projects.

Make a difference in the world:

Without expecting anything, when you dedicate yourself to a worthy cause, it makes you special. Working for free will provide you opportunity to learn something new. But you must always do it enthusiastically.

Important elements of a volunteering certificate:

A volunteering certificate is drafted in such a way that it throws a lasting impression on the recruiter’s. It should be well-formatted and formally worded. Let us discuss below the important components of a volunteering certificate;

  • The organization presenting the certificate, include its name in bold font.
  • Then, include the organization’s logo.
  • Use formal language for the certificate’s body. Don’t use abbreviations and your text lines should be double spaced and centered all text. It’s better to start the text’s body with a standard phrase.
  • Use a bold font for the volunteer’s name. Mention a description of the volunteer’s service in the text. In addition, you should also indicate the length of service and special awards or accomplishments.

The significance of a volunteering certificate:

This certificate provides a sense of belonging and acknowledgment. When applying for a job, it is an official document that you can attach with your CV. But it doesn’t go into details like your resume. However, when it comes to work ethics, certificate’s concise content will vouch for your character. It vast your personal skills and makes you able for future jobs.


In conclusion, a volunteering certificate template is helpful document for making volunteering certificates for the appreciation of the employees. Making the certificate isn’t all that difficult but you have to be humble and sincere in presenting. This will make the volunteer feels appreciated. It also provides them a sense of acknowledgment.