31+ Free Certificate Border Templates [Word]

A certificate border template is a useful tool that allows you to create borders for all kind of certificates. A designing of certificate always start by using a certificate border. It doesn’t matter whatever your purpose is, you can edit the certificate to fulfill your requirements.

Certificate borders and other graphic components:

The first thing you may have notice about the certificate is its design. You can draft you certificate by using certificate borders and other graphic components. Surely, you have seen different styles and designs of the certificates. These can be colorful and simple. Here are some design components that you can use to design your certificate;

Certificate borders:

At first, you create borders of the certificate. If you know how to design borders then go ahead. According the type of certificate you are making, select the style and colors of the border.


You should add some pictures or graphics to your certificate. But don’t add them to professional certificates. You can only add such things to a personal or a school certificate. However, if you are planning to use them then select right one.

Logo or seal:

A logo or a seal is another thing to place in a certificate. Certificates from organizations or companies usually contain these. Just next to the company’s name, you can add its logo. Moreover, you can also add a seal to make the certificate more professional.


In your certificate, you can also insert a photo. This is common for school certificates.

When it comes to add graphic elements to certificate, there are a lot of options. The border is as important as other elements. Also, borders can enhance your certificate. You may also see Volunteering Certificate Templates.

How to make certificate borders?

If you are making border from scratch then you have a lot to consider. For it, you have to think different style, images, and colors. Below are some tips for you;

  • Begin with different colored lines to create a certificate border design. Around the edges of your certificate, create lines and work from there.
  • To your border, you can also add some graphics. For example, if you are designing a border for a sport’s certificate then you can add sport equipment to the design.
  • During adding pictures, just on one part of the border, you can make a pattern or concentrate the pictures.
  • First, paste a few images on the document in order to make a pattern. However, you can also resize them and the pictures you have selected; you can make patterns with them.
  • If you are using a MS Word or MS PowerPoint then doesn’t forget to group the images. These are easy to use but if you want to make more complicated ones then use a complex program like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Selecting right paper for a certificate:

After finishing the certificate border, the next you have to think about its paper. Using standard paper is fine but in order to make it more special, select a better quality of paper. Here are the most common types of paper;

Multi-purpose paper:

This type of paper is suitable for printing documents but it might be too thin for certificates. So, this paper isn’t good for such purpose.

Embossed paper:

This paper is too dark and therefore the text and the design of your certificate won’t show and isn’t ideal either.

Plain paper with textures:

This paper have light tint. It won’t interfere with your design and your text. It comes in different colors and you can select which one you like best.

Graphic paper:

By using graphic paper, you don’t have to make a design because it has its own design so you just have to lay out the text. You may also like Marriage Certificate Templates.


In conclusion, a certificate border template helps you a lot in making the border of the certificate. Different style, images, and colors are used for the certificate’s borders.