12+ Free Printable Church Directory Templates (Excel / Word / PDF)

When the church grows and its members multiply, a church directory template comes in handy to know each member by name, residence, family, and occupation. The Clergy uses church directory to follow-up with each member.

What is a church member’s directory template?

It is basically a rooster template that includes all members’ details as well as email and telephone contacts for easy management of the members. The following details are included in a church directory;

  • Name of the church
  • Church’s Physical address and postal address
  • Membership number
  • Name of the member
  • Year the member joined
  • Member’s physical & postal address
  • Member’s occupation
  • Telephone contacts of members
  • Email addresses of members
  • Photo of member

How to create a church directory?

Here are the steps to follow to make a church directory;

Set apart your timelines

At first, set apart the time within which to complete building up the directory.

Prepare the personnel

Prepare the workers who will be involved in the process and train them on the task before them when you have agreed with your team on the timelines.

Make a membership information form

Make a simple membership form that include the following information;

  • Name
  • Membership number
  • Physical Address
  • Postal address
  • Occupation
  • Marital status
  • Spouse name
  • Children names
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Social media

Sort out the forms

Begin the sorting out process and arrange them in alphabetical order with the names of the primary key when you have collected back all the forms.

Prepare the directory form

You can prepare your church member’s directory by using different software like MS word, MS Excel, church photo, and more.

Enter the member’s information

The church’s membership information is entered as instructed by the membership forms you collected from the members. You should make sure that you key in every detail of the member according to the information they given. Use the member’s contact information and call them or write to them in case you need to clarify some information or inquire about missing information.

Prepare for the photos phase

Prepare the members for the photos phase when all the information has been captured and confirmed to make sure that nothing is missing. You may also see Church Program Template.

Use online forms

You should use online forms as they are easy to manage. Also, these forms can be used to reach out to every member in the shortest time possible. You should make a simple app that can be easily used on the phone.

Take photos in the church

During the week or a Sunday, you can set aside a day for Sunday worshipers and Saturday for the sabbatical followers. You should inform the members regarding the photo-taking session set to take place in the next worship weekend.

Near the church, have a dedicated photo studio

By having a dedicated photo man or studio located near the church is the final and challenging way to collect church member’s photos. The members will be information regarding where to go for their photo-taking within a set period.

Confirm that everything is in order

When you are through with all the entries, then before preparing to print your church directory, confirm that everything is in order.

Printing your church directory

You should print your church directory as many churches favor printed directories over soft copies.

Set the directory dimensions

You may set the directory into A4 size or A3 on the basis of number of members and hire a printer to help you set the dimensions of your church directory.

Set your printing budget

Set your budget for hiring a printer or for doing it yourself when you settle on the number of copies to print.

Other things you have to do are design the cover, set your binding preferences, and distribute the directories.


In conclusion, a church directory template is a document that helps in reconnecting members and can access member’s contacts and send them an email, make a video call, or chat.