28+ Free Ordination Certificate Templates [Word+PDF]

You must first get ordained in order to perform a ceremony and you can prove this through an ordination certificate template. In a marriage license office, submit this as proof along with the marriage license application of the couple who you will join together in matrimony.

What does being ordained mean?

These days, to officiate weddings of friends and loved ones, the idea of getting ordained has become very appealing. To get your own official certificate of ordination, no matter whether you have a profound and genuine call to ministry or a simple desire.

Moreover, you will get an ordained minister certificate when you get ordained and the authority to function in a ministerial capacity. Ordination is the first step to prepare a lifetime of ministry for this lifestyle. Areas such as pasturing churches, missionary work, or children’s ministries get assigned by the ordained ministers.

In the US, it is quite easy to get an ordination certificate particularly, when you have decided to join a specific denomination. In various countries, ordination programs online will ordain anybody regardless of gender, faith, or lifestyle. But, there are many churches that are more certain regarding the people they select to ordain.

When you get ordained, you can perform ministerial duties that includes marriage ceremonies, funerals, baptisms, anointing people, and even exorcisms.

What is an ordination certificate?

The process in which the person gets consecrated is known as the ordination. Ordained ministers have the right to perform priestly duties as outlined by a certain church doctrine. You must first get an ordination certificate to perform religious ceremonies via a legal church that has accepted you as one of its spiritual leaders.

You will receive get the certificate from the church’s Gospel Ministry upon your acceptance by the church to prove that you’re a certified ordained minister. You, as a bearer of this title, are considered worthy of spiritual devotion and respect. You may also like Adoption Certificate Templates.

How to get ordained?

Here are the basic steps that you should follow if you want to get an ordained pastor certificate;

Know the requirements of your state

In the county or state where you will perform the marriage ceremony, you should ensure to check out the requirements. The laws are much stricter in most of the states while in others, things are too relaxed.

No matter where you will perform the ceremony, you still have to know the requirements. If you only plan to get ordained, this is particularly true so that you can officiate the wedding of a friend or loved one.

Prepare the document you require

In order to perform a ceremony, if you want to become a temporary officiant or “get a 1-day marriage designation, then this is the most important thing to do. You should make the important documents.

Without the required paperwork, any ceremony that’s approved by a temporary officiant will get null and void. Therefore, you have to ensure to do your due diligence.

Get ordained

In some states, there is no requirement of legal documentation to marry two people. Instead, by a religious organization, you can get ordained. When you’re planning to marry a friend or loved one in some states, it is the least complicated option in comparison with all the other ways you can try.

Moreover, you can also become an ordained minister through organizations such as American Marriage Ministries and the Universal Life Church Monastery just by clicking a few buttons. However, in some states, before they can marry people legally, they need an ordained minister to have a congregation or a ministry.


In conclusion, when you get ordained, you receive an ordination certificate template to officiate the marriage. From the church’s Gospel Ministry, you will receive the certificate to prove that you’re a certified ordained minister.