31+ Free Download Booklet Templates [MS Word]

Making your own booklet template is an easy, versatile, and cost-effective process. For your business, making a booklet template by using MS word software is the best way to market what you have to offer without spending too much.

What is a booklet template for?

A booklet is generally a thin book. It bounds through saddle stitching. You must identify what you plan to use a booklet for while making it. Then, you can either download a free booklet template or by using a software of your choice, create one from scratch.

Booklets usually promotes a certain subject giving the readers with detailed descriptions regarding it. For your school, company, organization or business, making an MS Word booklet template can potentially make a long-lasting impression on whoever reads it. This mini book is a valuable tool that you can use for different purposes.

Furthermore, there are some reasons that why you should make your own template;

  • To distribute essential details to a particular audience or to potential clients.
  • To give it to your customers and clients so that they learn more about your business.
  • To present it on lobby racks, kiosks, and countertops.
  • To provide to customers, friends, family members or sponsors as tokens.
  • To assist the business in highlighting all the relevant information regarding the products or services you have to offer.
  • In a visually appealing manner, to organize large amounts of information.

The process of making a booklet:

Here is a process that you must follow to make sure the effectiveness of your booklet;

Think about your audience

The design and layout of the booklet depends on your audience. If you want to make a booklet that include an essential corporate information then you should select a simpler template with a minimal design and more text content. Identify your audience whom you are creating this booklet for. This assists you in identifying you should make a formal one or a more innovative and fun template to grab the attention of your readers.

Consider how you plan to bind the booklet

The layout of your booklet gets affected by the binding of your custom or free booklet. This factor assists you in identifying the durability of your booklet. People usually prefer saddle stitching that is perfect for booklets with few pages. Additionally, this option is the most cost-effective. To insert the coils which keep the pages together, you may select the wire binding where you would have to punch holes through the pages.

You should ensure to double-check the margins of your pages for this binding option so that the content and images don’t end up with holes punched through them.

For your layout, look for the images

This is a very significant step as it makes a great impression on the readers. To liven up your booklet and to make it more appealing, find out pictures, illustrations, and images. You can save as many images as you want when you are conceptualizing the layout of your template. After that, select the best images from them.

For your booklet, come up with an outline

We know that booklets are smaller than books and by making the outline of your template makes it more effective. Creating a mind map is the best way to arrange all your content. This way, you can see how everything connects with each other.

Start deigning the pages

When you reach this step, you already have all the elements that you want to include in your booklet. In case, you have downloaded the template, then simply edit the elements, colors, and fonts as per your requirements.


In conclusion, making your own booklet template can be used as guide for product promotions, event programs, school projects, and more. The booklet shows your expertise to your clients. Additionally, it helps you in building your company’s identity and in increasing its credibility.