27+ Free Return Address Label Templates [Word+PDF]

A return address label template is a type of shipping label. This label is used in post mail that includes the address of the origin of the mail. If required, you can also use it to respond to the recipient to the source of the information. These labels add personality to a mail.

Moreover, return address labels complement the appearance of your mail. Basically, address label sheets are white and blank. They allow one to print a name or message on them. To add beauty to mail, you should use templates in various colors. These templates have well-designed arts and images in order to increase the appearance of your mail.

In the business word, return address mails have a wide array of uses. For example, by adding a logo on the left side of an address label, business can make its mail more professional. These labels are used in important ceremonies like Christmas and weddings. On the left side of the return address label, by adding a personal image, a personal look can get enhanced.

Furthermore, the return address labels are available in different designs and sizes. The design and size of these labels you will choose will be identified by the type of mail you are shipping. You can also customize some labels to meet specific requirements. Here are the standard sizes of return address label that are used frequently;

  • 1” *2.625” WL-875 (Avery 5160): this return label address includes thirty labels per sheet and can be used for mailing labels.
  • 1.75” *0.5” WL-25 (Avery 5167 sized): this address label has eighty labels per sheet and usually preferred by many users.
  • 1.75” *0666” this label has sixty labels per sheet and can be used in product packaging and return address.
  • 4” *1.33” this label contains fourteen labels per sheet and is commonly intended for use in mailing labels.


In conclusion, return label address template is widely use nowadays. They add personality to your letters, packages, invitation cards, gift cards and so on. They provide you a colorful cover and attractive design to your envelopes and gift packages. In addition, the return address labels are easy to use.