29+ Free Editable Bill Of Material Templates [Excel+Word]

A well-drafted bill of material template is a document that helps you in making sure that all of your products have the same materials and have accurate ratios all the time. There are various types of BOM templates that you can make on the basis of your own requirements and preferences.

Types of bill of materials:

There are different types of bill of material that you can make. Firstly, you should think about what you require and use that to decide the type of template to use. You can use the following most common types of templates;


You create a hierarchical list of components for this template. This assists you in describing all of the sub-assemblies within the final product. Organize the components properly whether you make a single-level or multiple-level template in order to make it easier for the reader to understand.


Engineering for this template explains the elements of the product depending on the design of the product’s engineers. Unlike the other types of BOM, it indicates the engineering requirements of the product rather than just listing all of the required materials.


You create a list of all the physical parts for this template needed to manufacture a product successfully. Here, you pay attention to the tangible or physical parts of the product and their relationships with one another.


It is used for products that provide several arrangements or options. Here, for each of the variations of the products, you have to organize the part combinations.


You make a list of all the equipment and tools for this templates required to make the product rather than the materials needed for it.

Benefits of using a bill of material template:

This template provides you with a lot of benefits. Some of them are as follows;

  • It helps you in coming up with consistent processes for generating orders. This makes sure that you always have all of the materials required to produce a high-quality and successful product.
  • It gives you flexibility. It acts as an excellent reference when you require to make the same products for the future.
  • It motivates standardized communication particularly if you use a similar template each time. Everyone involved in the creation of the product with the template is well-informed regarding it in terms of support and materials information.
  • It helps you in controlling inventory levels and planning materials ahead of time to lower the waste. You should also check the bill of sale template.

How to make a bill of materials template?

Here are some tips for you;

Specify the quantities and ratios

You should specify all kinds of items that make up your finished product and certain quantities and ratios.

To keep track of the costs, use the BOM

This is another advantage of a BOM. It can be used to keep track of costs, particularly you include the costs in a detailed manner. You should also include the pricing information about the materials. This way, it becomes easy to track the costs of your product.

Furthermore, when you create the template, for each of the materials, write down the individual costs and the total cost. Since costs may change as time goes by so you may also add a date to your template.

Use the BOM for kits too

You can still make a template for any promotional bundles or special kits you plan to sell even if you’re not in the business of assembling or manufacturing products. In each of these bundles or kits, list down all of the items as if you’re manufacturing them. In this way, you would have a better idea of each item that goes into the kit.


In conclusion, all of the components, materials, parts, and sub-assemblies that are required in the creation or manufacture of products are included in the bill of the material template. This document is most commonly used in the engineering or manufacturing industries.