18+ Free Password List Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

Creating a password list template is a very convenient way to remember all your passwords. You should definitely keep this list secure. This list is very useful in the office setting. The IT department generally use this list to secure the accounts for workers as they don’t create secure-enough passwords for their office accounts.

Why there is a requirement for password list templates?

It is an essential list that has all your usernames and passwords. For different accounts on different websites, you need to sign-up. So, keep this information secure. By having a printable password log, anywhere and at any time, you can get a hold of your login information. Also, you don’t have to reset your passwords usually.

Organize all your information by keeping it safe from hackers and other nefarious individuals. Furthermore, complicated passwords are quite tedious to manage particularly, if you have passwords for personal and professional accounts. Instead of using passwords which are very predictable, use complex ones. Listing down all your passwords in a document is the best thing to keep track of all your passwords.

For both personal and professional use, password lists are very helpful. In a secure and organized manner, note down all your login details. Using such a template is highly beneficial as you can access your passwords when you require them easily.

Common types of password list templates:

You can make or download different types of password list templates. If you want to use it personally, you can make a fun and colorful template. Moreover, you can use a basic template in order to store your details. It doesn’t matter what type of template you use, the information you’ll enter is the essential thing. Here are the most common types of password list templates that you can use;

  • Online password spreadsheet template
  • PIN & password record spreadsheet template
  • Password tracker spreadsheet template
  • Password list spreadsheet template
  • Password log for website accounts
  • Password log spreadsheet template
  • Website password list

Some useful tips for your passwords:

Let use discuss below some useful tips for your passwords;

  • Reusing passwords isn’t suggested. Keep the password of all your accounts different. If a person manages to get your password, then he can take control of all your digital assets. He may also get access to all of your sensitive information.
  • Strong password contains a range of different characters. You should use random ones instead of using significant words and numbers. Consider a long order of alphanumeric characters. To make your password really strong, you must use random symbols. You just have to write it on your list so there is no need to memorize it.
  • Don’t just use a printable password log, use a digital file and store it on your computer. After that, encrypt the file so that you can just access it. If you’re storing the file on your office computer, this is specifically important. You may also see To Do List Templates.
  • In case, you are using paper file then keep it secure also. Never leave your list lying around the house or office for every people to see. Make a copy of the list and keep it secure in a permanent place. Then, whenever you need to access your account, use a copy of it.
  • Always keep the list to yourself to secure your password. If it contains sensitive information then never share it with anyone else.