27+ Free Customizable Price List Template [Excel+Word]

A price list template is a very helpful document that you can use to avoid impulse buying when you are shopping. It enables you to create a list of items with their prices and only invests in what you require.

Types of price list templates:

You require this template if you own a business and you sell goods or services. Also, you requires tools to accomplish your tasks successfully. Thus, a price list template is an effective tool that you can use to tell your consumers of the goods and services you’re selling. You can also provide them the prices of your products and services via this template.

You can also use this document for different purposes other than giving prices and services. Here are the most common types of the price list templates; You may also like Account Statement Templates.

  • Bar price list template
  • Basic memory storage price list template
  • Car price list template
  • Coffee price list template
  • Dairy farm price list template
  • Flower shop price list template
  • Food and beverages price list template
  • Furniture price list template
  • Grocery shop price list template
  • Hair salon price list template
  • Herbicide price list template
  • Instrument price list template

How to make your own price list template?

Here are some helpful tips that you should consider while making your own template;

Mention all the services or goods that you are offering

Before making your list, you have to know everything you sell. You should have the exact idea of all the items and services your business has. This is the most essential element of this template. Your list won’t be effective without this information.

Furthermore, you must write down the items first before writing down their prices. In case, you have a wide collection, you can divide them into groups or categories. For the clients, it will become easier to find what they’re looking for on your list. When you have created your list, ensure that you still have stocks of all the items.

With your store inventory, coordinate the items on the list

While creating your price list, as a reference, use your most recent inventory list. Since you would already have a complete list, your task will become much easier. You just have to organize the items according to your preference.

Additionally, don’t include those items on the list that are already out of stock. This is essential so that your customers won’t get disappointed. In case, they want to buy something then make sure to have it available in the shop. Then, after restocking the items, you can change your list accordingly.

Mention all the prices next to the items or services

List the corresponding prices after writing down all the available items or services. Create a basic format for your template and make a list which will stand out from others if you are good at designing.

For easy viewing, group the items into different categories

Group the items into categories is the best way to organize your price list. You don’t have to do this in case you only have a few items. But, if you have various items then categorizing them is a key.

Before you print or send your list, proofread it

Likewise any other document, you have to proofread your price list. Proofreading will help you in avoiding problems and conflicts with your customers.

To identify your prices, check the price lists of your competitors

Check your competitors when you’re coming up with prices for your items or services. This way, you will become able to come up with competitive prices.

Also, include the contact details of your business on the list so that the customers can get in touch with you easily when they have any questions. You may also see the inventory spreadsheet template.


In conclusion, when making your price list template, you have to consider your price sheet design and its contents as well. It is a very effective tool that your customers use to compare prices.