24+ Free Printable Funeral Program Templates (Word / PDF)

A funeral program template is a document used to organize a funeral proceeding and generally features a timeline breakdown of the order of proceedings, obituaries, and short biographies of the deceased.

Why do you require a funeral program?

Funeral programs have the following benefits;

  • Funeral programs keep the memorial service flowing as per the plan. This is because they break down every aspect of the funeral service. Also, the people know what happens next that keeps the service flowing as planned.
  • They provide important information regarding the deceased and his or her family.
  • Using a computer, anyone can make a good funeral program within a few hours. They are very easy to make and even if you use a free funeral program template from the internet, faster to personalize.
  • They are a final nod of love to the deceased as this program includes his or her favorite poems, and thank you notes from family and friends. This is the final express of love for the deceased at a moment when love is all that’s left.
  • Crafting a funeral program for one’s loved ones have therapeutic effects that have been published widely. When sifting through photos, videos and other items of the deceased, many people experience closure.
  • When the funeral is over, the best funeral programs can be used as memorabilia by friends. The funeral programs generally have photos of the whole family or the best photos of the deceased.

Designing your own funeral program:

There are a lot of details to think about while planning a memorial or funeral service. Getting a suitable funeral program is always one of them. You can always employ a free funeral program template from a church or the internet in case you are in a hurry or just don’t have the strength or creative abilities to create your own funeral program. However, you can make your funeral program from scratch. For its therapeutic benefits, this is a favorite for many people. You may also like Church Program Templates.

What to include in a funeral program?

There are four main sections of a funeral program;

  • The cover page
  • The order of service
  • The obituary section
  • The back page

How to draft your custom funeral program?

Here are the steps to consider for drafting your custom funeral program;

Choose appropriate software for the design

Select the appropriate software that allows the addition of both texts, photos, and illustrations. MS Publisher, MS Word and MAC Pages are considered the popular software for this purpose. You can also use a photo enhancement application such as Adobe Photoshop. Furthermore, employ an online design platform that features unique, affordable designs such as Canva.

From the internet, determine a good memorial service program template

This template will provide instructions as you make your own program. With the help of template, you don’t forget a major section or misplace some sections.

Add designs to the text

Design is the final touch to any funeral program. You can make it simple and minimal. Also, you can include a few illustrations, shapes, borders and images from design platforms like Canva. Keep in mind that don’t go overboard and you should use appropriate illustrations. You can also employ the services of a freelancer for help.

Use an appropriate printer

You should use the ideal printer as not every printer can produce your final work as you like it. The ideal printing process also requires the best kind of paper. Design the funeral programs in form of two-folds, three-folds or even booklets. You should consider hiring a printer to do all the work in case the printing aspect gets too difficult and time-consuming.


In conclusion, a funeral program template is an effective way to honor someone that had died. The funeral program makes sure that the funeral services will flow smoothly according to the plan.