29+ Free Customizable Wanted Poster Templates [Word+PDF]

A wanted poster template is a useful tool used by the law enforcement agencies to inform the public regarding a criminal who is escaped. It is the best way to let the society know about the person who is wanted. The police department, security agencies, and other authorities are issued these posters.

Moreover, the main purpose of this poster is to inform the public that how this person is harmful to their lives. Design the poster in such a way that it is understandable and readable easily. You should also make sure the following;

  • the image or sketch of the person should be clear
  • the font is readable with the simple color
  • design of the poster should be simple

For the same purpose, these wanted posters are used all over the world. At every public place, railway stations, hospitals, bus stops, and all other crowded areas, these posters are placed. To warn public of dangerous people, security agencies issue various wanted posters every year.

Furthermore, wanted posters not just used for criminals, people also use them to make fun with their friends or family members.

History of wanted posters:

Westerns security agencies prepared the sketches of the criminal in 1800s. They prepared these sketches with the help of eyewitnesses. This is because the photos technology is not better these days. Additionally, they used a single format of a wanted poster and then it became the standard format of the wanted poster. Security agencies use modern wanted poster templates in the modern age. They use it to get more clear results.

In 2007, to post a wanted poster in a few seconds, the F.B.I. used electronic billboards. It is the best way to immediately let the public know about dangerous people in the community.

Importance of a wanted poster:

For any security agencies, finding out an escaped criminal isn’t easy. But, when ask the people for help, this become easier for you. A wanted poster is an effective way to ask the public for assistance to find an escaped person. Nowadays, new technology is used in the world. An item for wanted posters became old. Now, to inform the public about the dangerous people, security departments use electronic billboards.

At every crowded place, agencies pinned these posters to track down any criminal. You should use unique designs to make these posters so that they attain the attention of public. These days, electronic media is faster than print media. It gives fast communication with the world than print media. You can break any news all over the world just in a few seconds. Furthermore, with an electronic wanted poster, it is easy to catch any escaped criminal. A wanted poster picture is given to the different media channels for broadcasting.

What to include on a wanted poster?

Wanted poster should include the following information;

  • Picture of the individual whom security agencies want to arrest.
  • On the poster, name of person whose image is pinned.
  • Features like height, hair color, eye color, the gender of the criminal.
  • Explanation of the crime committed by that person.
  • Dead or alive phrase. This phrase states that there is a permission from government authorities to kill him. They need this person either dead or alive.
  • The total amount will be rewarded to that person who will help to find him.
  • The law enforcement agencies contact details.


In conclusion, a wanted poster template is issued by the security agencies for the individual who committed some crime with a dead or alive phrase. This is the best way to search the escaped criminal with the help of the public.