29+ Professional Family Feud Templates [PowerPoint+Word]

The families in the US and the UK use a family feud template to play a ‘Family Feud’ game. It is one of their all-time favorite game show that has been ranked third most popular show on the list of all-time great TV shows.

How to make your own family feud template?

You should consider the below steps to make your own template;

Gather survey data

  • Come up with a survey: this could be a lot easier in case you have a large group for your survey like employees in an office or a class in school. You should make your questions as basic as you can. By doing this, you can expect good numbers of similar answers. For example, questions regarding favorite breakfast foods or favorite colors are OK.
  • Use online surveys: for your survey, when you cannot find a group big enough or whether you’re not getting a good number of similar answers, then you can go online. You should look the most popular survey questions and answers.
  • As part of your family feud maker, consider your own master answer sheet: in your game, the host should see the top five responses for each question.

Step up your game

  • Make your answer board: to write down the top five answers to each of the questions, use chalkboard and followed how many responses those questions received. Definitely, you have to first cover these answers with strips of paper. You should try to fit in various rounds on your chalkboard for a speedier game. Moreover, for your game, you can make use of a family feud PowerPoint presentation.
  • Make markers for each strike: every team gets up to three strikes. It means for these strikes you must have six markers. These markers might be as simple as pieces of paper.
  • Prepare a timer: for every question asked, you have to set time limits.
  • Provide every team their own buzzer: the buzzer shows that someone from the team already thought of an answer. You just use a plastic bag if it is too complex. The bag having a few beans will be a cheap but effective alternative.
  • Choose teams: the game, traditionally, needs five members in each team. One person will act as a host and he will be in charge of using the timer to keep track of the timings and reveal the correct answers. You may also see Family Tree Templates.

Play the game

  • Reveal the first question: when you have prepared your family feud template and the other components are ready, now it’s time to play. The host asks the first question. From each team, one player tries to give what they believe is the highest-ranking answer. The player having the most popular answer has to select whether their team plays for the other answers or passes control on to the opposing team.
  • The first round starts when the team has to come a decision: the controllers of the game take turn giving answers. Consulting between team members isn’t allowed. The host, for accurate answers, reveals them on the chalkboard along with the corresponding number of points.
  • Strike for incorrect answers: a team member, every time provides an answer that isn’t on the board, the team gets a strike. Three strikes indicates that the board hasn’t been fully revealed yet. Thus, giving the other team a chance to get all of the points from that round. The team can also consult with each other and in case, they guess any of the hidden answers, then they win the round and all of the points.
  • Awarding of points: points get awarded on the basis of how many responses their answers received.


In conclusion, creating your own family feud template is a better way to pay tribute to one of your all-time favorite game show. Before making your own template, you must learn first how to play the game.