29+ Free School Budget Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

A school budget template is a written document used by the school administration to keep record of school funds. It makes estimation of planned events that expressed in monetary values. This document serves as a reference to properly manage and finance several projects and plans of the school.

By having school budget, to facilitate the smooth running of the school activities, the school administration can always make a rational decision.

The importance of the school budget template:

  • This document assists in providing a correct estimate of schools revenue and expenditure.
  • The template helps you to manage the school’s spending as per the budget.
  • With the help of school budget, an institution meets its objectives.
  • It makes the school management able to gather and spend funds effectively and appropriately.
  • The school budget makes sure that those activities that require sudden attention get appropriate and prompt funding.

How to prepare a school budget template?

Here are some pointers that you should follow while preparing a school budget;

Pay attention on school improvements:

During making a school budget, you should pay attention on the various improvements that are necessary for your school. All educational institutions want to improve its operations and the quality of education. So, you should also stay in line with the school’s improvement plan while making the budget. This will surely improve the overall success of your school.

Identify the sources of income the school receives:

When making school budget, it is also an important factor to consider. Keep in mind that most schools operate more or less just like a non-profit organization. There sources of income are commonly limited. So, to avoid over budgeting, you should make sure that you consider all the sources of income.

Determine the cost of school resources in the market:

You should always go for useful resources in order to offer a high quality of products and services at school. Before making the school budget, take some time and identify the prices of high-quality resources in the market. But, you have to make sure that the funds are up to standards but less costly.

Step-by-step instructions on making a school budget template:

By using MS Excel or other software, you can create a simple school budget template. Every school must have a budget template due to its importance. Some schools find it difficult to create these templates. However, below are instructions that will make you able to write a comprehensive school budget in minutes;

  • At first, within the school, you have to determine all sources of income. This may include the following;
  1. educational grants
  2. state income
  3. school generated income
  4. parent’s contributions and more
  • Next, you have to gather all the information regarding the schools’ expenses. It is necessary to separate the essential costs of discretionary costs. Salaries/wages, cost of repairs/maintenance, administration costs, etc are included payments.
  • After analyzing all the revenues and expenses, it’s time to compare and analyze your spending habits. You can also use a graph in order to display an accessible overview of your financial plans. This analysis informs you whether or not to cut down your spending.


In conclusion, a school budget template is helpful document that helps the organization in managing a school’s budget. The budget expenses include salaries, utilities, tuition fees, books, library expenses, and more. Creating a school budget can be difficult but school budget template simplifies the whole process.