29+ Free Permission Letter Templates [MS Word]

A permission letter is a formal letter written to seek permission for some reason or event that you may want to attend. It is a formal to ask for permission from your superiors or any other necessary party. Moreover, it is a recognized and straightforward format of asking for permission. This letter makes things much simpler and clear.

How to write a permission letter?

During writing permission letter, there are a couple of rules that need to be observed. Here are the steps on how to write a permission letter;

Get the addresses you require

A permission letter is an official letter that has the address of both the sender and the receiver. But, the sender’s address isn’t necessary as both parties work in the same company. Firstly, place the receiver’s address. The information in the address should follow the order such as receivers;

  • name
  • title
  • company name
  • street address
  • town/city, country/zip code

You can also include other relevant information. You should also ensure that all the addresses are accurate before you send your letter.

State the purpose of the letter

Now, you have your addresses, it’s time to let the receiver know that what the entire letter is about. This should be a title so to make it attractive write it in capital letters, bold, and underline it. 3 to 7 words are enough, don’t make it too lengthy.

Stay on the subject

After the title, you have should explain the following;

  • your situation
  • the details of the permission
  • the circumstances that led you taking this step
  • how long you want to be excused
  • politely request for permission

In order to make your request valid, provide enough details. You must refrain from too much or too personal information. Furthermore, keep the body of your letter brief and to the point.

Format of a permission letter:


Provide the important addresses. If you are writing both sender and receiver addresses then place the receiver address first and include your address inside.


In this section, provide some form of respectful greeting.


The title of your letter should be centered, brief and informative.


The body should contain maximum 4 paragraphs. All paragraphs should be well-formatted, having no spelling and grammatical mistakes for easy readability.

Sign out:

Here, for authentication, mention your name and affix your signature. If necessary then also provide some contact information.

Different types of permission letter:

Permission Letter for data collection

This type of letter is mainly addressed to the supervisor or management and is written for the sake of taking some time to collect relevant data. In this letter, you ask for permission to refrain from your ordinary schedules. It includes the finer details of the project to be undertaken.

Permission Letter for admission

Filling and submitting application forms might not be adequate to guarantee acceptance. The admissions permission letter is written to lobby behind the scenes to have your application accepted or viewed favorably.

Permission Letter for job interview

Likewise admissions permission letter, this type of permission letter is written to follow up on your application with some back-end lobby. It is canvassing to enhance your chances of being called for interviews.

Permission Letter for second marriage

As it names implies, it is written to ask for permission from your spouse to allow you to enter a second marriage.

Permission Letter for trip

Trips are an important part and parcel of our lives and in order to ask for permission to attend one such trip this letter is written.

In addition, there are various types of permission letter; we just have mentioned a few.


In conclusion, a permission letter is a formal letter so keep the language of your letter formal and straightforward. This letter is the best way to show formality, organization, and respect for the authority. To make it effective, include the required information in the letter.