35+ Free Certificates of Attendance Templates [Word, PDF]

A certificate of attendance template is awarded to the students or employees after completing a training course or a class. Students or employees conduct a training course or a class to enhance their knowledge and skills that help them grow in their careers. For employees, training courses enhance the chances of promotion. On the other hand, for students, it assists them in making their resume better and makes them able to face various interviews more confidently.

What is a certificate of attendance in school?

A certificate of attendance in Canada and US is a type of certificate given to the students who have completed the K-12 program. But this doesn’t equal to a high-school diploma. Students who have completed the 12th Grade will receive a certificate of attendance template due to;

  • Not get enough grades.
  • When all their core courses are incomplete.
  • Failed to pass the require testing.
  • In their individualized programs, they didn’t meet the outlined objectives.

This way, these students will also move along with the other graduates. They will get a certificate instead of getting a diploma. These students have to go back to school for either one whole year or more to complete their credits in order to get their regular diploma. They have to pass their tests and meet their academic goals. When they have completed these requirements, they can graduate.

Furthermore, they are also various programs that allow students to finish in just half a year to meet specific requirements. Also, some schools don’t allow these students to attend the graduation ceremony. Then, this has become a controversial issue because for social benefits, this ceremony is important for the students.

What to include in a certificate of attendance?

An effective certificate of attendance should include the following key components;


At the top of your certificate, the title should be boldly presented. The title provides the readers a clear view of what the document is all about. You should make sure to use a bold font to make the title readable to the recipient.

Presentation line:

After the title, there comes a presentation line that consists of a short statement. This line clearly says that the certificate goes to the person whose name displays on it. However, you will phrase this part in a number of ways.


The recipient name comes just below the presentation line. Here you have to indicate the name of the recipient on the certificate. Usually, all certificates have the name printed. The title should be enlarged in bold text to make it more noticeable compared to the title.

Awarding body:

Likewise stating the recipient’s name in the certificate is important, the name of the awarding entity or body that awards the certificate is also essential. This will legitimize the award and make it easier to verify. On the body of the certificate, you should indicate the awarding body. Moreover, you can also place it at the bottom on the signature line.


Here you have to provide the precise description of why you awarded the certificate to the recipient. For this certificate, you must indicate the following;

  • The recipient has met the requirements
  • What course or program they attended
  • When it took place
  • Other relevant information


You should include the exact date that when you presented or awarded the certificate to the recipient. You can place this date before, after, or within the description of the certificate.


On the awarding body section, you can show the legitimacy of this certificate via the signature line. Therefore, provide space for the signatures of company representative or school head.


In conclusion, a certificate of attendance template must include the most essential components to help the awardees to know the merit they have got. Students who have successfully attended a course should apply for this certificate. The student must have an attendance rate of 70% and above to receive this certificate.