23+ Printable Delivery Schedule Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

A delivery schedule template is used for the successful implementation of the supply chain. Managing daily deliveries is a part of the supply chain management of a business. The delivery schedule allows you to manage timely deliveries of customer orders.

You can see different formats of delivery schedules for different goods and services online. But all of them have basic information about the customer and items to be delivered. However, managing daily deliveries can be stressful and really challenging but by using delivery schedule template you can do this task effectively.

The importance of delivery schedule template:

For brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, deliver customer orders on time is very important. For seasonal businesses, there are hundreds of orders in the pipeline when there is a season of sales. Thus, the chances of wrong product delivery gets enhance. To remove the chances of such errors, you should us a delivery schedule template. It assists you in managing your orders and deliveries.

It is easy to use and you can customize it according to your business nature. You can use different color codes to indicate the orders that have been delivered, pending delivery, and the orders which are coming next. For a particular period of time, it assists orders have been delivered. This schedule is also very helpful for the production floor team. They use it to plan the productions according to the delivery schedules of the product.

Furthermore, delivery schedule plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of the product while the transit period. Before the delivery of the product, this schedule contains instructions to follow and arrangements to do. So, if the product is harmful in nature, it doesn’t get damaged during the transit period.

Components of delivery schedule template:

Delivery schedule template is useful is several ways. The information that it contains is used by sales, production, and supply chain teams. Also, for all the stakeholders, it is important to carefully review the delivery schedule. A simple delivery schedule should contain the following information;

  • Number
  • Order Number
  • Order Description or Details
  • Quantity
  • Customer Name
  • Scheduled Delivery Date
  • Available Margin in Delivery
  • Actual Delivery Date

This document is also made for the specific nature of the job. For example, it is made for the transport of harmful chemicals that includes;

  • The nature of the chemical
  • Associated risks
  • Hazard class and severity
  • Expiry date

How delivery schedule is helpful for the organization?

  • If you are working in a small company and it’s your responsibility to make weekly or monthly deliveries to your customers then you should use delivery schedule for finding out which of these deliveries is done.
  • In the large organizations, daily deliveries require an effective and proper tracking system. With the help of this schedule, they don’t have to make costs and expenses on any technical software. Hence, it is suitable for all types of organizations either bigger or smaller.
  • You can also use it to make your production schedules and warehouse more organized.
  • Delivery schedule is useful in case production volume of the warehouse is exceeding and it may cause conflicts in the production process.
  • It makes your resource management process more efficient.
  • This document is helpful for tracking deliveries and invoices.
  • Moreover, you can easily make it by using excel spreadsheet as it doesn’t require any professional skills.
  • A delivery schedule can be used to record delivery information of any business.


In conclusion, a delivery schedule template is an efficient tool used by business to manage their orders and deliveries. This document helps in recording deliveries needed to be made on any specific date. According to your requirement, you can download different types of delivery schedule templates.