27+ Free Printable Profit Sharing Agreement Templates [Word+PDF]

A profit sharing agreement template is an official document required to establish a professional relationship between two parties.

What is profit sharing and how does it work?

This agreement is similar to retirement plan that gives the employees of a company a share of the profits. The employees under this plan will get a percentage of your company’s profits depending on its earnings.

Furthermore, a sense of ownership in your company is given by the agreement to your employees. Although, without incurring penalties, there are generally limitations as to how and when an employee can withdraw funds.

You as the employer will decide how much you will allocate to each of the employees as you will set up the agreement. Companies that give these agreements generally make adjustments as required. You must develop a formula for the allocation of profits for those years when you will make contributions.

When do you require a profit sharing agreement?

Giving your employees as many perks as your company can afford is the best way to keep your employees satisfied and happy. You can also offer a profit sharing contract aside from the regular salaries and bonuses. Prepare the agreement that indicates the terms and conditions of the contract. Affix the signatures of your employee and you to the agreement.

Moreover, you have to come up with a formula to use for deciding the amount when you make the decision that you want to share a specific percentage of your profits with your employees. In conjunction with this, if the company doesn’t make any profit at all then state that there won’t be any profit sharing.

Incorporate all of this information in writing in your joint venture profit sharing agreement. Also, keep in mind that it’s solely your company’s prerogative to identify who will get profits. You should also check the nonprofit donation receipt template.

What should be included in a profit sharing agreement template?

Every profit sharing agreement should contain all the general information of the involved parties. Definitely, you have to specify the complete names, business addresses, in case of an employee profit sharing agreement roles in your company, contact information, and other relevant information.

In addition to this, the agreement in a very comprehensive way should explain how you will calculate the profits for each person and how you will share these. In the form of stock, bonds, or cash, profits can come.

Each company has its own ways on the basis of which model it prefers to use. In the revenue sharing agreement template, you must include all of these details. The timeline of when you will share the profits is another important aspect of profit sharing that you should clearly express in the agreement.

It is also essential to include a clause in the agreement where it will categorically indicate that the employees won’t receive profits in the absence of any profit made by your company. Include the following important details in your profit sharing agreement;

  • The general information of all the parties involved in the agreement.
  • The ratio or formula of profit sharing.
  • Any other essential information regarding how you will calculate the profits.
  • The timing of profit sharing.
  • For calculating profit, the Time-period that you will consider. Companies generally do this yearly.
  • Any other essential clause.
  • Details about any exceptional cases.
  • Details about taxes.
  • Details about any necessary conditions that might apply.

The items in this list are all crucial inclusions in most cases of these agreements. However, for partnership, there are more inclusions. For example, you have to include information about how you will distribute the losses.


In conclusion, a profit sharing agreement template is a document used to decide how employees want to divide the profit and to whom if they are part of a profit sharing program.