24+ Best Fact Sheet Templates Word (100% FREE)

A fact sheet template is a document used in public relations for quick reference. The sheet is also used to provide a total view of the company or organization. This document is more often used as a supplementary document for a website or news release in place of a brochure.

Moreover, you can make this sheet by using headings, bullet points and even tables all summarized on a single page. It usually contains information about products, technical data, statistical results, and educational material. It also includes informative answers to common queries and helpful advice. Sometimes, the fact sheet can be a precise summary of a more comprehensive document or report.

Why should you use fact sheets?

Here are the top reasons that why you should start using fact sheets in your office;

Short and direct

Fact sheets are usually 1 page long. This single page contains the most relevant information about any issues, services or products in the organization. These days, people have no time to read documents with too much content. So, the one page is enough for the people who would be interested to read.

Easy to read and understand

Fact sheets are designed and formatted just like websites that have tabs or books which have chapters. They should have headers to explain the most essential points. On the basis of the relevance of the information, you must know what exactly should be placed as headers. This makes your fact sheet easy to read and understand.

Cheap to produce

By using your company letterhead, fact sheets can be printed out. These documents shouldn’t have fancy and colorful designs. You can also send the file in an email or post it on your website for download.

Save a lot of time and effort

You wouldn’t need much time or effort to read fact sheets as they are short. They have headers so you can skip the parts that you aren’t interested to read.

How do you make fact sheets?

Here are some useful tips that you should consider while making fact sheets;

  • During researching, you should find a wealth of facts, information and statistics that you want to include into your fact sheet.
  • You should use different resources while searching for facts and statistics. Don’t stick to just one source. This is because you don’t know how accurate that source is.
  • Most of the facts are random and lacking structure. You should find out which of these facts are the most accurate. Then, present them in such a way that they are structured.
  • Read the comments and reviews of your resources in order to find out how reliable your sources are. Never present the facts which don’t actually hold any truth.
  • You should include the resources in your document to prevent any issues from emerging as you will be getting facts from different sources.
  • Before presenting your facts, you should ensure to trim them down and order them. That way, they appear in your document logically. On your sheet, the very first fact should talk about the significance of the issue you are dealing with.
  • You should also make sure that all your facts are relevant as the irrelevant facts have no place in your fact sheet.
  • You can also add comparisons in your fact sheet.
  • The fact sheets with timelines can also be created instead of statistics. Timelines can be to visually explain the chronological occurrences in a single event.
  • The fact sheet should also include the all necessary information.
  • You can also look at some examples online in case you are new at making fact sheets.


In conclusion, a facts sheet template is a tool used by a company, business, or organization to present information in a shorter document. The fact sheet is also referred as one-sheet, white paper, or information sheet. You should use a format that highlights the most important points of the presentation precisely.